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On average, the typical optometrist sees 67 patients per week. With so many patients coming through an eye care professional's clinic, how is an optometrist expected to find the time for continuing education?

The World Continuing Education Association (WCEA) makes it easy for eye care professionals to, not only find the time for optometry continuing education, but access timely continuing education resources.

The WCEA's online continuing education for optometry courses provide eye care professionals with easy to use materials via the internet. The WCEA's cloud technology makes the free optometry continuing education resources possible.

It is no secret that an optometrist who does not obtain continuing education in the eye care industry can lose his or her license. Which makes gaining optometry continuing education vital in preserving an eye care professional's livelihood.

To make life easier for optometrists, the WCEA has partnered with the World Council of Optometry (WCO). The two organizations have partnered to create the largest optometry continuing education platform available. Through the free online courses, continuing education for optometry professionals has never been so readily accessible.

Optometry is always evolving, which makes the need for optometry CE by professionals vital. The WCO has been at the forefront of online optometry continuing education and the organization thrives on providing courses to eye care professionals around the world through its partnerships.

Along with the WCEA, the WCO provides a platform for optometry educators to upload educational resources from around the world. These resources can be accessed by optometry associations through the WCEA's online portal.

The WCEA has worked together with some of the top universities and associations, including Houston University and the Maryland Optometry Association to build over 250 high-quality online courses.

According to a 2013, Eye Care Readership study, nearly half of all optometrists in the United States were part of a solo practice. That figure shows that eye care clinics must focus their time and money on other areas to build their businesses, and not on expensive and time consuming continuing education courses.

The WCEA's online courses are easy to use and can be accessed anywhere an internet connection can be made. Eye care professionals can study from the comfort of their homes, offices or even on holiday. The ease in which online optometry continuing education offers, means eye care professionals can focus on doing what they do best, treating patients. It also means they are not stuck in seminars or classes when their time can be better spent elsewhere.

The simplicity in which professionals can now access high-quality continuing education opportunities through the WCEA's portal, offers a more efficient and effective means of an eye care professionalmeeting their annual continuing education requirements.

In addition, it is free to join the world's leading continuing education platform. For eye care professionals, it just makes perfect sense to become a member.

Not only does the WCEA's online optometry CE platform offer eye specialists the chance to study anywhere, but the courses are free to use.

Free optometry continuing education prevents eye care clinics from spending large sums of money on expensive courses.

According to Bain, independent eye care clinics and optometrists face an uncertain future. This is down to large store chains around the world that now offer eye care. Therefore, it is vital that these businesses keep their costs low.

The cost of optometry CE for optometrists can be a major burden on clinics big and small. The costs are made even more difficult if continuing education programs are not located near the eye care professional’s home base.

The WCEA's online optometry CE portal cuts down those costs dramatically. Organizations will no longer spend thousands of dollars to send eye care professionals to courses hours away.

The cost of travel and expensive continuing education courses will be a thing of the past. The WCEA’s online programs eliminate those costs and provide professionals a stress free way to study; making it easy to send multiple employees on a course at one time.

In addition, the WCEA's online platform will prevent eye care clinics' need to hire relief staff. Those funds can then go into other areas of the clinic. The WCEA’s online continuing education programs offer companies easier and cheaper options, which will save them money.

The online courses also prevent eye care clinics from losing valuable man hours. There is no more financial waste in sending employees on courses as the online portal brings everything to the user. Add in the free optometry CE aspect, and the WCEA's platform is the way of the future.

Eye care professionals who have gained wider knowledge of their respective fields are not the only ones to benefit from continuing education. In fact, a professional's vastly improved knowledge benefits the client just as much. Free optometry CE is win-win for everyone.

The WCEA’s online platform makes life easier for eye care professionals. Courses can be studied online by using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. There is a free tracker to track all of a user’s learning in one central place.

Eye care professionals can see their progress on each online course. There is no registration or sign-up costs to join. The WCEA's courses are all accredited by

leading universities.

Continuing education has never been so easy for eye care professionals who are short on time. The WCEA’s online continuing education portal also makes life easy for those looking to get a leg up on their peers in the eye care industry.

With free optometry CE courses that can be accessed anywhere, the WCEA and the WCO have created the perfect tool for improving knowledge within the industry.

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Optometry exists in 90 countries and WCO is committed to promoting optometry worldwide, providing a network for exchanging ideas and innovation.

WCO serves as a forum for member organisations to respond to public health needs and opportunities around the world. In the changing world of optometry, we act as a unifying voice, encouraging the launch of international projects and services that meet the needs of patients, optometrists and the ophthalmic industry.

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