LIU Pharmacy Helps NIPTE Expand Its Research and Training
7 Oct

LIU Pharmacy Helps NIPTE Expand Its Research and Training

The Arnold Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Long Island University (LIU Pharmacy) recently announced it has joined forces with the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education (NIPTE) to become the organizations 16th member.

Founded in 1886, LIU Pharmacy was New York´s first pharmaceutical college. LIU has a long history in state as a top pharmaceutical college, and in 2016, celebrated the institute´s 130th anniversary. Currently, LIU is one of the USA´s top private universities.

“The addition of LIU Pharmacy will allow NIPTE to expand its research and training capabilities,” Dr. Vadim J. Gurvich, NIPTE’s executive director and research associate professor at the University of Minnesota, stated. “We expect it to play a significant role in our formulation development and characterization research initiatives as well as training programs for pharmaceutical industry.”

LIU Pharmacy will play an important part in NIPTE as the college will provide research and expertise in the organization's Manufacturing Sector Research Initiative program. The college will also receive a $150,000 grant from NIPTE and the US Food and Drug Administration. LIU will share the grant with the University of Maryland Baltimore and the University of Puerto Rico.

The three colleges will work together to provide valuable information on projects for NIPTE. Currently the schools are working on a study of biorelevant dissolution in tablet-based pharmacy products.

“Taking part in NIPTE’s vigorous research agenda will create transformational opportunities for our students to participate in impactful work alongside our award-winning pharmaceutical scientists,” Dr. John M. Pezzuto, dean of LIU Pharmacy, explained. “NIPTE’s mission to increase the pharmaceutical industry’s understanding of product development and manufacturing aligns with LIU Pharmacy’s vision to advance the safety, efficacy and efficiency of the industry and the evolution of its professionals.”

NIPTE hopes that LIU´s top research facilitates will aid in the organizations exploration and analysis of the pharmaceutical field. Led by Dr. Pezzuto, the university continues to strive for the best in research studies. “Our collaborations with NIPTE will provide LIU Pharmacy students, who already benefit from our affiliation with the nation’s top medical centers, access to new opportunities to take part in meaningful research, advancing the quality of pharmaceutical products and improving access and outcomes for patients around the world,” Dr. Kimberly R. Cline, president of LIU, explained.

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