The Food Products Causing Increasing Tooth Extractions in Kids
19 Apr

The Food Products Causing Increasing Tooth Extractions in Kids

Make no mistake about it. If you’re a parent with a young child, the chances are high that you’re not taking good enough care of their teeth. Experts are becoming exceedingly worried, and claim that you should, too.


Growing concern
The concern is based on statistics that show that never before have there been more rotten teeth among children. Take teeth extractions in children under five years old, for example. In the old days, this was a very rare phenomenon. But dentists reveal that more and more children are having their milk-teeth pulled out prematurely because of their precarious state. The problem? Increased consumption of foods with sugar, increased consumption of drinks containing sugar, and a general failure by parents to teach their kids good dental hygiene. The frightening thing is that the problem is growing so quickly, and becoming so huge that experts are already warning.


Milk hurts
A report recently (21 March 2017) released by the English Royal College of Surgeons gives these warnings straight without hiding any of the facts. They talk of an epidemic, and that the main culprit is the food that we serve our children. Particularly in-between meal drinks. In fact, doctors and dentists even blame certain milk products. And fruit! You would’ve thought that a milk product wouldn’t give you any problems, but the sugar content of these products is so high that the effects are showing exactly as mentioned in the report. A drink with eight percent of sugar is not something that should be ingested right before bed-time, and particularly not if the child does not brush its teeth immediately afterward.


Fruit Is Sugar
Even fruit is highlighted as a problem, because of its high sugar content. The only remedy, it seems, is reducing in-between meals and, not least, enforcing good dental hygiene after each meal. In other words: brushing your teeth. The recommendation is that all kids up to the age of eight needs help with brushing their teeth properly. This may come as a shock to most parents, but isn’t it worth taking extra care in that all-important phase of children’s lives? And reducing those in-between snacks will be important, as well. Doctors even alert that excessive breastfeeding may cause dental problems, so imagine if you don’t take enough care with in-between meals. Less snacks, even fruits and milk, and better dental hygiene parents!


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