The World’s Best Universities for Employment 2016

The World's Best Universities for Employment 2016
27 Dec

The World’s Best Universities for Employment 2016

U.K.-based publication Times Higher Education (THE), recently released its sixth annual list of the world's best universities for employment. THE's list looked at those universities that create graduates which employers clamber over themselves to hire.

The list gives students the opportunity to see which universities they should strive to enroll with. To form its rankings, THE took results from an online survey of 2,500 recruitment managers. The recruitment managers used in the survey came from 20 countries.

In addition, THE surveyed 3,500 international managers from around the world to help make up the final survey. What resulted was a list of the best universities as far as preparing students for their careers.

In the wake of the United States presidential election and Brexit vote in Great Britain, THE editor Phil Baty believes students will seek out strong universities. These strong universities with exceptional track records will be a safe haven for students as they prepare for life in uncertain times.

Universities in the U.S. were seen as the best overall with six of the list's top 10 located in America. U.S. universities may have excelled in the employability rankings, but Japanese schools did not. Only five Japanese universities made this year's list.


Top 10 Best universities for employability:

1. California Institute of Technology
CIT is a favorite amongst international employers. With just over 2,200 undergraduate and postgraduate students combined, the small university is ideal for students that excel at math, science and technology.


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The world famous MIT has been producing leaders in science, math and technology for decades. It is no wonder employers around the globe continue to pursue graduates from the school.


3. Harvard University
Harvard's long history in innovation is one of the reason it is high on the list. The U.S.'s oldest university, Harvard has been shaping world leaders since its inception.


4. Cambridge University
Cambridge's elite status can be traced back to the 13th century. Many of the university's graduates are desired by employers because of specialist knowledge formed at Cambridge.


5. Stanford University
Graduates from Stanford have been key in developing a wide range of industries. Silicon Valley's computer and technology revolution is just one area that Stanford has directly contributed to developing.


6. Yale University
The Ivy League school is the third oldest university in the U.S. Traditionally compared to Harvard, Yale has continually developed some of the world's leading business executives.


7. Oxford University
The oldest English speaking university in the world, Oxford has produced a diverse range of graduates. Twenty-six United Kingdom prime ministers and one U.S. president have graduated from Oxford.


8. Technical University of Munich
TUM's claim to fame is the number of start-up businesses that have been created by staff or alumni. Over 800 start-up companies have been developed, making TUM a great starting point for students that want to follow their own path.


9. Princeton University
Princeton is considered small by major university standards. Fewer than 10,000 students make up the school's population, however, it is the quality of student that continues the university's stellar reputation.


10. University of Tokyo
UTokyo has established a network with top universities from all over the world. This network has enabled the school to stay on the cutting-edge throughout its long history. UTokyo is home to over 27,000 students and leads the way in research and education in Japan.

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