The importance of continuing education and online CE
14 Sep

The Importance of Continuing Education and Online CE

There´s no denying that no matter your profession, these days continuing education (CE) is a very important aspect of it. For some, their main objective is simply to meet their annual CE commitments, whilst for others their focus may be to expand their knowledge in a specific area or to improve their career opportunities. Whatever your reason is for taking CE courses, the good news is that continuing education is more available and recognized than ever before.

This is evident in the sheer volume of courses that fall under the CE label across all the main industries, as well as the vast number of authors, universities and institutions who now produce them. What this emphasizes is the importance of continuing education and that professionals need to incorporate this into their careers if they want to achieve long term success. In an age where more and more people are obtaining academic degrees, the competitive advantage for those looking to get ahead now lies in their ability to learn more in order to get an edge on their colleagues.

In some professions though where rapid advances are taking place (e.g. HR, engineering, finance and healthcare), continuing education is more of a necessity to keep up with evolving practices. Ultimately, professionals who regularly pursue CE credits will no doubt end up being more informed and up to speed with what´s happening within their specific industries.

A study by recruitment firm Spherion Atlantic Enterprises, LLC found that continuing education also plays an important role in longer employee work terms, which benefits businesses. In the research conducted, it was discovered that 61% of employees who were either receiving training, mentoring or reimbursement for CE credits were most likely to stay with their current employers for at least the next 5 years.

Continuing education courses are offered through a number of different channels including universities, specific CE schools, training centers, and workplace training programs. With the growth in internet usage over the past decade, many of these organisations / institutes are now offering professionals a range of convenient ways to access their courses. This can include attending online CE webinars or e-learning classrooms.

But despite the increase in options of where and how to access CE courses, professionals can often have difficulties finding the right ones to suit their individual needs. This is where a global continuing education platform, like that of the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), makes life a whole lot easier for them. The WCEA´s platform contains courses produced by leading universities and institutions worldwide offering accredited and non-accredited CE. Another major benefit of using our extensive resource of educational content is that a vast number of courses are offered for free as well (which includes accredited CE). So whether you´re a veterinarian, dentist, optometrist or belong to any one of these industries, it´s free to register so there´s really no reason not to join the world´s leading continuing education platform.



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