15 Mar

Nursing Continuing Education Boosts Patient Care

For Katie McVicar and Jennifer Cherniavsky, continuing education and professional development are a way of life, but they also have a passion for learning. Katie and Jennifer are nursing professionals, among the 1,000 plus people employed by the Brant Community Healthcare System. Patients expect hospital staff to...

10 Mar

UC Davis Tops World Rankings in Veterinary Science

The University of California, Davis, held onto its top spot in veterinary science in the latest QS World University Rankings released today (March 7). And for the fifth consecutive year, the campus is among the top-ranked universities in agriculture and forestry, taking second place in the...

4 Mar

Low Income Kids Could Lose Access to Dental Care

Scribbled on a chalkboard outside hellosmile's Queens office are the words, "Health is happiness." Hellosmile, run by Farhad and Dr. Ali Attaie, is a pediatric health startup that aims to give all kids, regardless of how much their parents make, the same chance for a happy,...

New Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease
27 Feb

New Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

The field of optometry is advancing fast. New technologies and medical products are being developed at a rapid pace. One product that has fairly recently joined the list of treatments available for eye care is Xiidra. This product has proved to be quite effective in treating...

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