Meet the Team

Graham Hellier MBE
CEO – Founder

I have been fortunate enough to own and run many businesses throughout my entrepreneurial career, but the World Continuing Education Alliance is by far the most exciting project that I have been involved in.

We have provided systems to organizations representing millions of learners as we continue to grow towards our goal of being the largest distributor of continuing education in the world.

Building our proprietary platforms and creating distribution networks of education has only been possible with our dedicated, passionate and skilful team and I would like to introduce you to some of them here.

Jason Reed

Jason’s role as CTO is to oversee the development and scalability of the many proprietary software platforms that we have built. Jason’s wealth of experience offers us the knowledge and guiding expertise to get the most out of our development team.

samantha chapman

Samantha Chapman
IT Team Manager

Samantha project manages our genius IT team as we continually build and add new technology to our platforms.

Claudia Chemi
Head Designer

Claudia is our head designer. It is Claudia’s job to make us look great by creating the front end of our systems, building our marketing information and supporting her team in the design of our many websites.

Lucy Reed
Migration Manager

Our job is to make distributing education through our system an easy process for our education providers. Lucy runs our migration team that is responsible for uploading thousands of hours of the world’s leading courses to our distribution networks.

clare meachin

Clare Meachin
On-Boarding / Educator Support

When an organization takes a platform, we want to tell all of their new learners about it!

Clare works with each organization to introduce their learners to the system through user account setup, registration emails and providing internal marketing material to explain the implementation of the new system. Clare also offers support to the many education providers that distribute their education through our network.

David Evans

Reaching hundreds (soon to be thousands) or organizations around the world does not just happen! David runs the digital marketing team, finding the many organizations around the world who want access to a massive and renewable source of continuing education.

Graeme Maxwell
Strategic Partnerships

We are a global education distribution platform, and as such, there are many fantastic organizations around the world whose goals and aspirations are aligned with us.

Graeme works on finding and connecting us with these partners.

arno boon

Arno Boon
Sales Director

Arno runs our team of consultants who introduce our systems to organizations around the world.

Arno’s team covers the globe working in shifts to cover from New Zealand / Australia all the way over to the west coast of the US.

Craig Fitzpatrick

Craig is one of our many consultants. Each consultant conducts multiple online meetings every day building our ever-growing base of clients around the world.

ian mclaren

Ian Mclaren

As a Platform Consultant, Ian's primary role is to conduct online meetings with organizations across the globe who are looking for online learning solutions. He loves helping them to achieve their educational objectives and enhance their training by implementing our world-class CE / CPD platform.

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