Graham Hellier MBE
Chairman and Founder

Graham has been fortunate enough to own and run many businesses throughout his entrepreneurial career, but the World Continuing Education Alliance is by far the most exciting project that he has been involved in.

WCEA has provided systems to organizations representing millions of learners as continues to grow towards the goal of being the largest distributor of continuing education in the world.

Building proprietary platforms and creating distribution networks of education has only been possible with our dedicated, passionate and skillful team.

david montgomery

David Montgomery

In 2019, David joined the WCEA as their CEO.  Before that he was a CEO & CTO, with a track record of developing startups, private and public companies.

David was the CEO at Ingenta Plc, CTO at Publishing Technology Plc, Director of Technology at Cray Systems Plc, co-founder & director of 5 fifteen Ltd & 5 fifteen Inc., managing director (software) at Inspired Thinking Group (a Tech Track 100 company) & CTO at Atex.

David has delivered SaaS based content solutions within several organisations, covering research, education, news & media.

arno boon

Arno Boon

Arno joined the WCEA in 2016 and now holds the position of COO. Previously Arno worked for American Express and Vodafone, joining the team to help us scale globally at pace.

Arno is responsible for managing the whole ecosystem, that connects some of the largest educators, such as John Hopkins & the Royal Colleges, with learners around the world.

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