The Continuing Dental Education Solution

Connecting you with leading dental education courses at a price that has never been possible before


Resourcing Education

The WCEA researches the best CDE education providers around the world

The WCEA has entered into agreements with two of the world's leading educators to distribute their education through the WCEA network

We monetize education for educators outside of their country by selecting the courses that are of international interest. The educators have already generated their revenue from the courses, and this system provides incremental profits for them. This means that education can be offered at a fraction of the cost that education has ever been available before.

Our Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System has been designed specifically for continuing education and is a leading solution for the supply, tracking and recording of CDE compliance.

As well as accessing the courses in the dental network, our system makes it easy to create and upload your own courses as well as offering all the services you would expect from a leading LMS platform.

Our CDE Catalog

If you already have your own Learning Management System then you can access the network of courses through our CDE Catalog, uploading the course files directly to your existing LMS.

This method of access creates the most effective content solution, at a fraction of the cost of accessing content directly from third parties, or creating hundreds of your own courses.

Contact Us

For a demonstration of the courses and systems that we have on offer please contact us.

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