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Inlay And Onlay Restorations

Hugh Devlin  on behalf of Health Education England


Artistically Placing Laminate Veneers *

Dr. Larry Rosenthal, DDS


Prepless Veneers: Smile Design and Seat *

Dr. David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD


Benign Tumours: Soft Tissue Tumours

Adam Jones on behalf of Health Education England

Some examples of the courses

*Included in the Premium Plan

This session describes when to use inlays and onlays, their material science and their clinical application.

Dr. Larry Rosenthal shares his experience on how to make your final restorations stand out, using some basic finishing techniques he teaches at the Rosenthal Institute.

This session describes the basic clinicopathological features of benign tumours that present within the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The new materials available in the marketplace provide more vitality than those previously used for restorations; and more patients have the opportunity to achieve the smile of their dreams.

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