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Suicide Awareness & Referral for Pharmacy Professionals - for Pharmacists

Suicide Awareness & Referral for Pharmacy Professionals - for Pharmacists

Suicide Awareness & Referral for Pharmacy Professionals - for Pharmacists

Dr. Jennifer Stuber, Dr. Brandy Singer, Dr. Jenny Arnold
Dr. Jennifer Stuber, Dr. Brandy Singer, Dr. Jenny Arnold
on behalf of Washington State Pharmacy Association

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$90.00 $ 90.00 $ 90.00

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Launch date: 01 Jul 2017
Expiry Date: 03 Jun 2020

Last updated: 28 Jan 2019

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Mr Michael Macklin (9 May 2018)
The audio had issues from time to time, and the video froze on me at one point near the end. I really liked the nine-question assessment tool, and having the access to the suicide prevention phone number.
Dr Gregory Carroll PharmD (9 Mar 2018)
Excellent presentation. Learned new skills to apply in my practice and in my life.
Steven Larson (9 Jan 2018)
I was pleasantly surprised with this courses. I really appreciated the LEARN acronym and practical tips given throughout.

I would like to...

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ACPE UAN 0130-0000-17-091-H05-P | Activity Type: Knowledge | Disclosure: None | 3 CPE hr.
Initial Release date: 9/6/2017 | Expiration date: 9/6/2020
The fee for this activity is $45.00 for WSPA members, $90.00 for non-members.
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At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:
Recognize suicide's impact in communities
Describe pharmacy professional's role in suicide prevention
Education all patients to make home safer
Prevent suicide professionally and personally using the LEARN steps.
Dr. Jennifer Stuber, Dr. Brandy Singer, Dr. Jenny Arnold

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Dr. Jennifer Stuber, Dr. Brandy Singer, Dr. Jenny Arnold
on behalf of Washington State Pharmacy Association

Dr. Jennifer Stuber, Ph.D. is co-founder and faculty director of Forefront Suicide Prevention, a center based at the University of Washington. She also teachers at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work as an associate professor. Her teaching and research priorities are in mental health and prevention policy, building community capacity in suicide prevention, and responsible and proactive news media coverage of mental health and suicide.

After losing her husband to suicide in 2011, Dr. Stuber turned her sorrow into public service by helping to pass the Matt Adler Suicide Assessment, Treatment and Management Act of 2012. The Matt Adler Act required suicide prevention training for all behavioral health providers in Washington state. Ensuing legislation has added similar requirements for other health care providers, making Washington a national leader in the field of suicide prevention.

Dr. Stuber earned her doctorate at Yale University. She joined the University of Washington in 2006.

Dr. Singer graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from Oregon State University in 1997. She went on to complete a pharmacy practice residency (PGY-1) at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington and a psychiatric pharmacy specialty residency (PGY-2) also in Spokane. This experience led her to begin her psychiatric pharmacy career by becoming the sole clinical pharmacist at Eastern State Hospital for over 9 years. She initiated a pharmacy student training program while establishing her clinical practice at the hospital and as a Clinical Assistant Professor for Washington State University College of Pharmacy. Brandy expanded her psychiatric pharmacy horizons by working at 1st Avenue Pharmacy, an independent specialty, psychiatric community pharmacy. For almost a decade, she was involved in providing innovative pharmacy services for the mental health community including administering long-acting antipsychotic injections, using point-of-care laboratory testing for clozapine monitoring, and getting to know her customers. She recently came full-circle and returned to Eastern State Hospital to continue to help customers as they become patients on their road to recovery

Jenny Arnold is the Director of Practice Development for the Washington State Pharmacy Association. She received her PharmD from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy in 2006, and completed her Pharmacy Practice Residency the next year at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Dr. Arnold is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. As the Director of Practice Development, she has helped pharmacists to meet the needs of their practices and community through continuing education, development of collaborative drug therapy agreements, and building links between patients, communities and pharmacists.

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  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
  • 3.00 Hours -
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User Reviews (157)

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Mr Michael Macklin (9 May 2018)
The audio had issues from time to time, and the video froze on me at one point near the end. I really liked the nine-question assessment tool, and having the access to the suicide prevention phone number.
Dr Gregory Carroll PharmD (9 Mar 2018)
Excellent presentation. Learned new skills to apply in my practice and in my life.
Steven Larson (9 Jan 2018)
I was pleasantly surprised with this courses. I really appreciated the LEARN acronym and practical tips given throughout.
Mr John Kennedy (9 Feb 2018)
Very pertinent information....but sound was very poor on several presentations
Dr Stephanie McVey PharmD (9 Apr 2018)
The presentation was informational and easy to follow. The audio was terrible at times which was a bit distracting but overall didn't detract from the information presented. It was more of an annoyance at the price point to pay that the audio wasn't better.
Patricia Sohns (8 Jun 2018)
Very informative and contains practical, easy to understand information that I can apply in a real life senario.
Ms Phyllis Hunt (8 Jan 2018)
I also had some problems with the sound quality.At times it was quite soft
Dr Hieu De La Rosa (7 Mar 2018)
good content.
Mr Richard Sherwood RPh (7 Mar 2018)
content is very good. Audio was inconsistent
Ms Mandy Liu (7 Jan 2018)
The course reminds me of the importance of humanity and intervention. Thank you for your persistence and advocacy on suicide prevention. I appreciate all the efforts put in to make the requirement possible fro WA.
Sally Logan (7 Jan 2018)
I think that all pharmacists, not just those licensed in Washington, should take this training.
Howard Crabtree (6 Jan 2018)
This should be a one-hour voluntary course.
Mrs Robyn Agnew (6 Jan 2018)
very informative
Dr Ji Young Kim RPh (6 Jan 2018)
I wish they used a better recording system.
Ms Patricia Thompson (6 Feb 2018)
I was having trouble hearing some parts of this program. Some of the participants would start talking in a relatively clear way loud enough to be heard and then seemed to lower their voices,talking in the back of their throats and even at times mumbling.
Danielle Shook (6 Feb 2018)
some content was difficult to hear but the message was good, especially when looking internally at our own flaws and being uncomfortable with the topic
Dr Kanza Ijaz (6 Aug 2018)
a good explanation of suicide prevention skills with video demonstration
Dr Peter Koo (6 Apr 2018)
sound quality is choppy
Mr Bruno Perri RPh, FASCP, BCGP (5 Sep 2017)
Thank you, this course was very good. Sometimes the audio track was a little rough and loud.
Mr Joseph Williams (5 Mar 2018)
Great information, it will definitely impact my pharmacy practice.
Julie Parrott (5 Jan 2018)
Information could have been conveyed in a much shorter time. Was very distracting when moderator(s) kept saying Aaaa... and especially AHMMMM. In one sentence alone I counted 5 times. Would suggest verbal info be read from a script rather than just what came to the mind in a rambling manner
Dr Kathy Rinehart (4 Mar 2018)
Information was good, but too slow moving and repetitive.
Dr Kimberly Nakamura (4 Jun 2018)
Course provided great and useful info but the audio and sound wasn’t the greatest. The videos and short clips also seemed helpful.
Dr Jeremiah Halstead (4 Jun 2018)
I like how there were knowledge check questions throughout the course.
Laura Munro (4 Feb 2018)
I found this training very helpful. Thank you for the important work you do.
Dr James Updegraff PharmD (4 Dec 2018)
It was more informative than I believed it would be. Glad I took this course.
Ms Janet Woodburn (31 Oct 2018)
The information will come in very useful. Awareness is critical and the course reaffirms the necessity to become involved, and possibly save, a person’s life.
Dr Denise Cummings (31 Oct 2018)
Some issues with sound quality and video loading. Good content.
Ms Pat Vetter RPh, PharmD, BCPS (31 Jan 2018)
Good content; was able to get some info pertinent to a hospital RPh. Long, hard to move back and forth between slides.
(31 Dec 2018)
Mr Kenneth Antles RPh (31 Dec 2017)
This was very eye-opening. It makes me think back to times in my career where I should have responded differently had I had this exposure.
Dr Christopher Rio (31 Aug 2018)
The level of thought and detail that went into this course highlights the importance of introducing the needed LEARN skills to pharmacists. You never know when a simple empathetic response will save a life. This course helps prepare you with skills to do just that. The videos are so moving.
Marvin Sikes (30 Oct 2018)
There is good content. However, audio quality can be improved.
Dr Katie Ball (30 Dec 2017)
Thank you! Very informative.
Ms cheryl meenach (30 Apr 2018)
the audio could be improved and some of the sections kept repeating
lydia minnick (30 Apr 2018)
The course was done very well. Thank You!
Ron Erkens (3 May 2018)
Very helpful and complete
Dr Stephen Smith (3 Mar 2018)
Thank you for your comitment to this topic and for providing realistic scenarios and resources for future use.
Ms Victoria Chen (3 Mar 2018)
The subtitle for David's video was blocked by the screen. If there is a way to show the transcript for the videos, it will help visual learners.
Dr Christine Chavez (3 Feb 2018)
Very good examples of how to incorporate it into our practice
Mr Nathan Lawless (3 Dec 2018)
Good information. Things I hadn't thought of before and some good facts of which I wasn't aware.
Terry Richardson (3 Aug 2018)
The speakers pace was pretty slow and low energy. It could have been more engaging.
Steve Austin (3 Apr 2018)
Great discussion on topics that have myths that truly need busting. I love how this talked about helping on the micro scale in nonjudgmental manners. I will try to put this to as best possible practice as I can.
Sharon Sutton (29 Sep 2018)
I thought I was excellent in using role playing to give the participants confidence
mi bui (29 Oct 2018)
clear and straight to the point on how to attack this difficult topic.
Dr Cristina Cardona (29 May 2018)
Straightforward and easy to follow.
Randall Robertson (29 May 2018)
For someone in the retail setting, this is an eye opening program. We have a chance to make a difference, even in 1 person.
Dr Kyle Hogaboam (28 May 2018)
Excellent resources provided that will help us reach our patients more effectively who are at risk of harming themselves.
David Bell (28 Jun 2018)
overall good information. some issues with audio clarity and video continuity.
Mark Peterson (28 Jul 2018)
Very enjoyable and informative course - very useful. However, the poor and variable sound quality made many of the lessons hard to follow. Also, at the completion of the lesson the Take Test button didn't work and I had to find a different path.
Ms Sheila Kerr (27 Nov 2018)
Superbly effective and comprehensive training for a complex but ubiquitous concern.
Dr Douglas Edwards (27 May 2018)
This course heavily emphasized coercive means such as locking up medications (and even, for example, cords and ropes), and limiting medication quantities. Such coercive means are unethical, in that they implicitly but unequivocally subvert the patient's autonomous agency; for the same reason, they are immensely destructive of trust. Also, placing such obstacles in the way of access to medications is likely to harm patients by diminishing adherence to pharmaceutical plans of treatment. The course also underplayed the social factors that promote suicide and impair its prevention, such as lack of income support and social services for patients at risk. While the political action needed to fix such problems is beyond the scope of our profession, we should clearly acknowledge their existence. Failure to do so implicitly blames the depressed patient for their own state of mind.
Mr christopher close (27 May 2018)
The information was relevant and useful as a pharmacist. I have a better awareness of suicide risks and possible intervention options I have as a pharmacist. I would have liked to have more reading material on the slides as the presenters talked through them.
Dr Cynthia Taylor (27 Mar 2018)
some good information, but some unrealistic messages (jump to are you planning suicide after 15 seconds and no prelim talk)
Dr Joshua Villarreal (27 Mar 2018)
Thanks, this was very compelling, especially the interviews and personal statements
Dr Mark Bell (27 Feb 2018)
Overall Good Course, could have been more pointed and slightly less repetetive. Obviously, technical video and especially sound quality should be on par with a paid course such as this.
Mr Minh Huynh (27 Dec 2017)
To be honest, I was really dreading going through this training at first, but haven't completed it now I felt like this is an important training that every pharmacist should go through at least one in her/his life. This training really provided me with a much better understanding not only of the prevalence of suicide in America, but how to carry out the appropriate steps in recognizing and preventing it from ever happening. Thank so much for all of your effort in putting this training together, it has been a great learning experience!
Mr Robert Mullins R.Ph. (26 Jun 2018)
I am more aware of the how to spot warning sign and what steps to follow after seeing the warning signs. Excellent videos to provide real world examples of the course material.
Mrs Camille Nulph (26 Jun 2018)
Excellent. It helped me feel more confident in recognizing and talking to patients who are struggling, but also helped me be more empathetic to others
Ms Deborah Lain (26 Jan 2018)
I do believe pharmacists have a role in suicide prevention and I learned a number of new ideas for helping patients, friends and family
Branden Couture (26 Feb 2018)
Sound quality and flow needs some tweaking, but this was an extremely informative and helpful course.
Mr Zachary Cazier (26 Apr 2018)
Very good course, except for the constant changes in volume levels of the speakers
Dr Michelle Newton PharmD, BCACP (25 Oct 2018)
The videos from real patients and role playing were helpful. It was a little frustrating to not be able to fast forward some of the videos.
kirk sulenes (25 May 2018)
suicide is a word of discomfort and avoidance. We have learned through many years at the crisis clinic, from many suicide calls, to go right to "kill yourself". suicide is acceptable but still displays a judgement in our society. And I detect a judgement when I say it aloud myself, judgement of me, the act and the person in crisis. Thank you for your efforts, your training has impacted me more than all my CE recently. Technically I couldn't get consistent volume, couldn't pause the course and struggled to catch all your information. This is my short coming not your program.
Ahmed Bassyouni (25 May 2018)
The content is very good and relevant to our profession. Great emphasis on the role of the pharmacist recognizing warning signs and not being a counselor or therapist by any means. The use of emotional credible videos is a very strong message about the importance of such a topic and that we shouldn't shy away.
Mr Terry Lauritzen RPh (25 Mar 2018)
Videos were very powerful in getting points across and allowing us to experience how the people were feeling.
Julie Nguyen (25 Jun 2018)
content was good, but 3 hours was excessive to get the point across
Mr james movick (25 Jan 2018)
very worthwhile
Allyson Eichner (25 Apr 2018)
The information was helpful and provided in a way that will make it easy for me to implement.
Darren Preuninger (24 Mar 2018)
This course is very valuable. Shows the influence we can have in preventing suicide with our patients, as well as friends and family. I am glad the health professionals in Washington are required to take a course on suicide prevention. I was somewhat skeptical at first, however it was definitely worth the time to be educated on such a lifesaving topic
Dr Adam Means (24 Jul 2018)
Very informative with some good suggestions for helping patients.
Margaret Nguyen (24 Jul 2018)
The audio was not great in certain parts of the video
Tyson Henderson (24 Jul 2018)
well done
Mr Steven Burley (24 Jan 2018)
easy to follow course
Dr Shannon Rodriguez (24 Apr 2018)
Audio is inconsistent.
Uyen Vo (23 Jul 2018)
Although the audio was a little hard at times to hear, I really enjoyed this training. It was fairly straight forward and I really liked the scenario that was presented. It will really help me if I ever have to talk to a patient about suicide.
Mrs Susan Lippincott (23 Jan 2018)
This course was very easy to follow, and very well organized, with good slides
Dr Jessica Hilton PharmD (23 Dec 2017)
This was a great course! Very informative.
Ms Katia Tung (22 May 2018)
Excellent course - it teaches good tools how to help to prevent suicide
Dr Jeannie Kenyon PharmD (22 May 2018)
I thought that the overall program was very good however a bit dragged out. There were also too many glitches with the program (needing to do the survey several times, exam not popping up at the end etc).
Patricia Leistritz (22 Jul 2018)
an amazing course
Ms Julie Yang (22 Jul 2018)
The content was great. I learned so much more than I expected and feel more confident about being able to have these conversations with my patients.
Kenn Wolfe (22 Aug 2018)
audio poor quality
Mrs Jenene harding (21 Sep 2018)
this was very helpful. I will incorporate this in my life and work.
Ms Sonja Norden (21 Jul 2018)
This is a great training course. I found the LEARN steps very helpful.
Dr Salvinaz Parpia PharmD (21 Jul 2018)
Really appreciated the role play, videos of real patients and the candor of the participants
Patricia Boughton (21 Apr 2018)
role-play was believable and memorable
Kathileen Boren (20 Jun 2018)
Some of the audio quality is not great but content is good and kept me interested.
Mr James Crouch RPh (20 Jan 2018)
I wish I had been able to take this awareness training years ago. It was extremely valuable and I am greatfull to now have the knowledge. Thank you
Mr Richard Ytreeide (20 Jan 2018)
Good information. Very timely information concerning customers I serve.
Mrs Karen Johnsen (20 Dec 2017)
Poor sound quality at times.
Tori DeMyer (2 Nov 2018)
Things I will use in practice but overall a little unrealistic in execution
Ms Michelle Anderson PharmD (2 Jun 2018)
Very good information and usable for pharmacists. Audio could be better though.
Dr Kelsey Rasmussen (2 Jan 2018)
Really enjoyed the final role play scenario and the empathetic vs. sympathy cartoon.
David Nguyen (2 Aug 2018)
very helpful tips in dealing with potential patients or people you know regarding suicide and depression
Dr Seijung Lee (19 Sep 2018)
Very good course and powerful testimonies. I really appreciated the demonstrations of pharmacists' interaction with patients. One suggestion would be the fluctuation of volume. I had to continuously increase or decrease volume throughout this course.
Dr brook gehring PharmD (19 May 2018)
I appreciate the need and concern for patients in preventing suicide awareness and the time that went in to making this education possible. However there were times where the volume fluctuated so much that I had to readjust the volume on my computer. I also feel that the training was too long for the information that needed to be conveyed.
Mrs Joyce Humphrey RPh (19 Mar 2018)
Clear, concise presentation with a wealth of information and tools to help pharmacists incorporate this into their daily practice.
Mrs Lena My Dung Dang (19 Jul 2018)
This 3-hour course is informative. The audio is just not steady, there are times when I could not hear much and times when I was startled because it was so loud. The course moves through very slowly with pauses every few minutes of course needing to load/buffer (same for HD vs non-HD), but this could be due to my internet connection so I'm not sure if it's the course itself. Though I have no problem streaming videos otherwise.
Dr jeffrey wiedemann Pharm.D. (19 Feb 2018)
The only thing I really didn't like about this presentation (this is picky, sorry) is the volume level/sound quality seemed to vary from slide to slide and seemed a bit distracting at times as i searched for my computer volume button over and over.
Ms Guillermina Caballero RPh (18 Nov 2018)
made me aware of things I had not thought about
Richard Karlstrom (18 May 2018)
It was painful to sit through 3 hour when the information could have been give in 1.
Dr Danica Mito (18 Jun 2018)
Volume is variable and sometimes it is very difficult to hear the presentation.
Dr Staci Dallaire (18 Jul 2018)
Never thought I'd have to learn about this as a pharmacist, but the focus on limiting quantity and how to get the person help needed made my role in suicide prevention more meaningful.
Dr Brian Henley PharmD (18 Jan 2018)
The day I started this course it became immediately more topical with the death by suicide of Washington State University quarterback Tyler Hilinski. I lost a close friend who ended his own life after his first year of college. Like Tyler, he was a high achiever with a bright future and no one saw it coming. As a WSU alumnus and someone who lost a close friend to suicide I am glad of this training. While I don't necessarily think this knowledge could have helped me prevent my friend's death it helps to give me perspective on it. I am confident that the training will be of use in my daily practice of pharmacy as a clinical pharmacist in a community health center with a behavioral health program. Thank you.
Mrs Wendy Tacuba Chavelas (18 Feb 2018)
Thank you for this presentation. Very informative.
Mr Godwin Asemota (18 Feb 2018)
An eye opener
Mr martin hubbard (18 Dec 2018)
eye opening to say the least
Mrs Susan Beller (18 Aug 2018)
All the best information is in the last half of the course. It could really be only 2 hours.
Mrs elizabeth moe (18 Apr 2018)
Some of the sound was weird, background noise. The information seemed rather repetitive. Had a very hard time accessing the exam questions at the end.
Dr Jasen Cong (17 Nov 2018)
Very thoughtful course on a sensitive topic. Patient interviews and supplied role playing assisted with showing how to empathize with patients and how pharmacists can take action if they identify a potential situation.
(17 Nov 2018)
content is great, but the narration could have been smoother
Brynne Veitengruber (17 Jun 2018)
A great step forward to increasing awareness, disseminating resources, and good tools to help people suffering.
(17 Jan 2019)
While the tips they provide are practical, I don't think patients usually respond positively to those questions in my area of work.
Dr Karen Hansen (17 Jan 2018)
Good information, but the sound editing was horrible. It was difficult to hear at times and then the next slide would be very loud.
Dr John Kittel PharmD (17 Apr 2018)
Excellent use of real patients, and role playing
Shirley Brandt (16 Sep 2018)
my sound was variable; and difficult to hear in some modules; otherwise this was very good thank you
Brent Leithauser (16 May 2018)
Really nicely prepared, pharmacists! I'm very glad to have selected this training, and have gotten very useful material and techniques from it. Thank you!
Ms Arati Vibhu (16 Mar 2018)
It's a great training video. I really liked the videos of David and Laura .The role play video was extremely useful. You could also add a video of a patient that the pharmacist helped and is safe and doing well.
Dr Hy Dang (16 Jun 2018)
Good background information. It takes a bit to picture the different scenarios that may come your way later. Each pharmacist who has been practicing or seeing patients can picture or remember a situation where some of these information may have helped. We all have tried to be on the alert and have these conversations with our patients and it will be awkward at first. If you don't know how to start, this CE will give you a place to start developing your style and your ways of talking to patients regarding this issue. Please don't ignore these situations, please don't look away. I have been in dark times myself and all it takes it for some one to ask the right question or say the right thing. And yeah, for most of your patients it may not be you at all that makes a difference (for me it was a friend) but you may make a difference for a few and for those few, it matters the world over.
Dr Allison Owen PharmD (16 Jan 2019)
Great information!
Mr george combe (16 Aug 2018)
I am very happy I took this course. I am currently a pharmacist in Texas and, I hope they make this a required CE for all pharmacist in Texas and across the country.
Mrs Jana Vander Leest RPH (16 Apr 2018)
The actual patient cases and family interviews were so powerful.
Ms Kim Donnelly (15 Jan 2018)
Informative presentation. Videos were powerful.
Sue Merk (14 Sep 2018)
Excellent. Great background and build up to real experiences and role playing. This was really well done.
Dr John Amini (14 May 2018)
Subject matter is relevant, but the presentation was aimed at 6th grade mentality.
Mrs Mona Dunn (14 Jan 2018)
very informative
Ms MARIE CERMAK RPh (14 Jan 2018)
Lots of useful information. The sound varied from ok to inaudible, depending on presenter.
Mr Bill Beck (14 Dec 2018)
Great course
seifu eshetu (13 Sep 2018)
this is a very important lesson that gave me a lot of thoughts how to help patients.
Dr Huey Yu (13 Oct 2018)
I enjoyed the personal stories and it helped connect the lesson while adding depth to the information.
Shane Cobb (13 Mar 2018)
Great program, thank you!
Mr Steven Cranston (13 Jul 2018)
sound volume was very different between presenters and demo patients creating a constant need to change volume backa and forth
(13 Jan 2019)
Excellent and informing course about suicide and the role of pharmacists
Karen deLacy (13 Jan 2018)
I felt this course could have been done in a more concise, shorter format
Dr Vickie Landkammer (13 Jan 2018)
way longer than it needed to be
Dr Margaret Mehl (12 Oct 2018)
The next steps - resources was especially important.
Mr SUKHJINDER BAL (12 Oct 2018)
very helpful
Ms Melissa Lang (12 Jun 2018)
Content was very good and video clips were appropriate and well done but I would have expected the narrative to be smoother and edited for 100% correct word choice as this is an accredited continuing education program.
Dr Makanani Hirayama (12 Jun 2018)
The sound was a problem but overall a very good training
Jeff Corsentino (12 Jun 2018)
Excellent and very relevant to pharmacists.
Dr Susan Lottimer (12 Jun 2018)
I enjoyed this presentation!
Mr Richard Okeefe-Jones CPhT (12 Feb 2018)
Very well put together. Touching
Dr Michael Kelly (12 Apr 2018)
Material was very valuable and the instructors were very good. The delivery and technology were very poor, however. Audio ranged from ear drum rupturing to barely audible so had to continuously adjust the volume. I also had to go through the entire 3 hour course twice, both times it brought me to the survey but never brought up the final exam questions, when I tried to go back in and start where I left off it had taken me all the way back to the beginning. I was finally able to access the exam from the information screen, but it should just come up as soon as you complete the video. Not happy with the delivery mode at all, not efficient, wasted time, and they should have hired some professional sound people during production.
Mr Amir Daneshvar-Jahromi (11 Sep 2018)
very informative for every pharmacist
Kristi Coleman (11 Mar 2018)
Worth every minute spent!
Mr John Smasal (11 Jan 2018)
Good information but the production was rough. Squealing, buzzing, volume levels varying and some typos seen.
Dr Shiho Fukasawa (11 Feb 2018)
it was really helpful
Jeff Unger (10 Mar 2018)
You should be embarrassed by the typos and bad sound.
David Stanley (10 Jan 2018)
A real eye opener. Thanks for providing this course.
Mr Grady Brooks (10 Feb 2018)
Very helpful, Thank You!
Robert Kellar (10 Aug 2018)
The comments by the various people in this video were very helpful in learning more about aspects of suicide and its prevention. The pharmacist’s comments really made an impact on me. The entire program held my interest and taught me some new ways to approach my customers. Thank you!
Blaine Adams (1 Sep 2018)
Had many issues with sound quality with last 1/3 of video voiced over by darth vader.
Adam Strong (1 Jun 2018)
Such an important topic (suicide) that is finally getting the recognition needed to take preventative steps to educate and help others.
Suzanne Lee (1 Jan 2018)
Very insightful
Susan Petty (1 Jan 2018)
This train could have been accomplished in about an hour. Not a three hour training, where the same material was repeated over and over again.
Mr Jason Daza (1 Apr 2018)
Very thorough and thoughtful course. I felt like I was provided with lots of material I could use in the pharmacy setting.


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