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Dementia – Best Clinical Practices for Dental Care Professionals

Dementia – Best Clinical Practices for Dental Care Professionals

Dementia – Best Clinical Practices for Dental Care Professionals

Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC
Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC

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This one-hour online course will provide a general overview of dementia, and the best clinical practices for referring clients to a physician. Relevant and timely, it is ideally suited for dental care professionals with elderly clients.
This course will give you a professional approach to dealing with dementia in your dental practice.
You will be given a general overview that will enable you to explain the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll learn the signs and symptoms that indicate a medical referral is required. Most importantly, you will learn what measures to take to reduce the risk factors for developing dementia.
This course covers more than you’ll find in your pathology textbooks. We’ll take a look at the practical application of client interaction and practice management:
You’ll be empowered to inform your clients about dementia in a manner that has the potential to improve their physical and mental health.
You’ll be shown a comprehensive interview model that includes the bio-psycho-social aspects of health and wellness.
You’ll learn respectful and responsible caring practices when a physician referral is indicated.
And finally, you’ll be reminded of the importance of maintaining proper clinical records.


At the end of this E-learning, the student will be able to:
• Define dementia
• Know the causes of dementia
• Recognize signs and symptoms of dementia
• Understand the prevalence and relevance of dementia
• Broach the topic of dementia using an effective interviewing model
• Know when to refer their clients to a physician for further assessment
• Explain the difference between reversible conditions and irreversible forms of dementia
• Inform their clients about healthy aging practices
• Assess their client’s bio-psycho-social health
• Utilize confidential communication practices regarding dementia
• Maintain proper clinical records regarding dementia

Course objective:
To effectively decrease the number of undiagnosed cases of dementia worldwide.
Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC

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Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC

Yvonne is an Elder Planning Counselor who is passionate about breaking the stigma of dementia through education and empowerment.
Her courses are fun, informative, and particularly useful for professionals providing health, financial, or planning advice to elderly clients.
Yvonne Poulin is the director of Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting. She has been in clinical practice as a Registered Massage Therapist for over 25 years and is the co-author of the book ‘Aging Safely in Your Home’.

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With gratitude to the Alzheimer's Organization for their brochures, and to the World Continuing Education Alliance.

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