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Leadership and Planning

Leadership and Planning

Leadership and Planning

Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA
Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA
on behalf of Animal Care Technologies Online Training


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Benjamin Dick (7 Jun 2018)
Clear presentation.
Rebecca May (6 Apr 2018)
I really enjoyed this CE and found the Time Management section quite helpful.
Dr Stephani Hautau DVM (4 Feb 2018)
Very straight forward summary of practice management and leadership goals and planning guidelines.

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For any practice to thrive, it’s essential to continually evaluate the business, and ACT’s newest management series, Leadership and Planning, will help you do just that! In this 5 video series, Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA, will help you understand how critical strategic planning is for a successful business. Learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis and combine your information with Key Performance Indicators to set and achieve practice goals. Discover time management skills that will help you prioritize job tasks and increase your productivity. Learn how establishing hospital procedures and protocols will improve efficiency and consistency within your practice. Utilizing the tools discussed in Leadership and Planning will help your business grow, increase profitability, and improve practice culture.


At the end of this E-learning, the learner will gain an in-depth understanding of leadership and planning
This includes 5 videos from the ACT Online Training small animal library.

- Achieving Goals
- Human Resources
- Operational Efficiency
- Strategic Planning
- Time Management
Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA

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Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA
on behalf of Animal Care Technologies Online Training

Dr. Amanda Donnelly is a consultant and a second-generation veterinarian with a diverse background in medicine, management, industry, speaking and business consulting.
In 2005, Dr. Donnelly founded ALD Veterinary Consulting, LLC to provide expertise to companion animal and specialty referral practices to help them achieve their goals. Dr. Donnelly works with veterinarians who want to grow their business and have their team look forward to coming to work everyday. Her areas of consulting include financial management, human resources, marketing, client service training, and leadership coaching.
Dr. Donnelly is a graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, Columbia. She has an MBA from Baker University in Overland Park, Kansas and she also holds a certificate in Veterinary Practice Administration from the AAHA Veterinary Management Institute (VMI) at Purdue University.
Dr. Donnelly has 15 years of experience in small animal practice and emergency medicine. In the latter capacity, Dr. Donnelly was responsible for a successful turnaround for the emergency practice she ran within a large referral hospital. Her leadership as Chief of Staff resulted in increased profitability, enhanced client service and a more satisfying practice culture.
Prior to starting her consulting firm, Dr. Donnelly served as a Technical Services Veterinarian in industry for 4 years. During this time, she developed a reputation for her outstanding communication skills, project management, leadership, and ability to build strong relationships.
Dr. Donnelly is Past President for VetPartners™. She is past president of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association, an active member of the veterinary community and a member of the National Speakers Association.
Dr. Donnelly has published numerous articles in veterinary journals, is a contributing author for Blackwell’s Five Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult and is the author of the book 101 Practice Management Questions Answered.
Well known as a dynamic speaker, Dr. Donnelly has lectured on a variety of practice management topics at regional, national and international veterinary conferences including NAVC, WVC, AVMA, AAHA, CVC, the ACVIM Forum, ACVS, VSIPP, The Midwest Conference and multiple state association meetings. She is a popular, engaging speaker who always provides practical information to her audiences. Dr. Donnelly was named Practice Management Speaker of the Year for the 2007 and 2013 North American Veterinary Conference.
Dr. Donnelly resides in Florida with her husband, Chris, who is board-certified in veterinary internal medicine. They share their home with a long-haired dachshund, Gidget and 3 cats, Cosmo, Bucky and Snoop.

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User Reviews (23)

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Benjamin Dick (7 Jun 2018)
Clear presentation.
Rebecca May (6 Apr 2018)
I really enjoyed this CE and found the Time Management section quite helpful.
Dr Stephani Hautau DVM (4 Feb 2018)
Very straight forward summary of practice management and leadership goals and planning guidelines.
Dr Mary Kate Lawler DVM (31 Dec 2017)
Great basic introduction to management
Ms ariel jenks (30 Oct 2018)
Good information of which personnel of all levels in a business should be aware.
(30 Mar 2019)
Vey good class
Ms Trishia Mackey (30 Apr 2017)
Good Training.
(29 Jan 2019)
Only complaint: this is NOT 30 minutes (closer to 45 minutes). Otherwise this presentation is wonderful. Speaker is easy to understand and easy to follow along. I really enjoyed this entire presentation and topic.
Tracy Pinney (28 Aug 2018)
This is very professionally done and has a lot of useful information. I also like that there is a test at the end so I can make sure I understood the information being taught to me.
Sean Saltsburg (27 Dec 2017)
Good for more than small animal clinicians - will help all types of practices in achieving successful practices.
Dr Stephen W. Long,DVM dvm (23 Jun 2018)
This course is well done but simple.The thought processes are well organized and very helpful.though not easily implemented the authors approach is sound.that only leaves the work of implementing it.
Ashley Manning (23 Jan 2018)
Very informative!
Ms Alaina Martin (21 Jul 2018)
Sound basic principals for anyone considering going into the management route. Beneficial to me as a technician to understand all that my manager has on her plate.
Ms Laura Aylesworth (21 Feb 2019)
This was very informative, even for staff who don't intend to be leaders in practice management. It helps to know where everyone is at and how to be on the same page.
Mason Beasley (21 Aug 2018)
While the videos are lengthy, the content is very helpful and relevant to the industry.
Dr Amanda Cushing (2 Jan 2018)
Nice course on basic management topics
Jennifer MCClelland (2 Feb 2018)
An excellent refresher for management and a clear roadmap for those coming up and learning leadership roles.
(2 Dec 2018)
Informative and easy to understand
Mrs Ashley Cammack (19 May 2018)
Well organized and thorough
Lainen Bayer (14 Mar 2018)
I found many aspects that apply to my current profession.
Jessica Claudio (12 Aug 2018)
This CE shares crucial information to integral and achievable management of a hospital.
Mrs Kasey Ellinwood RVT (11 May 2017)
This CE course contained a lot of valuable information and covered a wide range of topics in a reasonable amount of time.
(1 Dec 2018)
Very well laid out and organized in the delivery of the information. Information was clear and easily understandable to target audience and gave examples that could be used in one's own practice.


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