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Equine Emergencies

Equine Emergencies

Equine Emergencies

Harry Carslake
Harry Carslake
on behalf of CPD Solutions

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Launch date: 21 Aug 2015

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What You’ll Learn
Session 1: Wounds Near Synovial Structures and the Acutely Lame Horse

How to determine whether a wound involves a synovial structure wounds1
Differentiating between causes of severe lameness
Initial management and what to do when referral isn’t an option

Session 2: The Painful Eye, Choke and Respiratory Distress

Tips on how to examine and manage of the acutely painful eyeeyechokeresp2
How to clear the awkward choke case
Assessment and management of respiratory distress for best results

Session 3: Difficult Foalings, Retained Placentas and Management of Sick Foals

Foalings: When to jump in your car and when to provide reassurance on the telephonemarefoal2
Management of difficult foalings – keep calm!
Treatment of retained placenta
Assessment and resuscitation of sick neonatal foals


To gain a comprehensive knowledge of what to do in the case of an equine emergency patient.
Harry Carslake

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Harry Carslake
on behalf of CPD Solutions

Harry grew up in Somerset and qualified from Cambridge University in 2000. Following 2 years in mixed practice he worked for 3 years at Liphook Equine Hospital, where he developed an interest in internal medicine. He then headed overseas to Massey University, New Zealand for 6 years, completing a residency and then working as a lecturer in equine internal medicine. On his return to the UK, Harry spent 18 months as medicine clinician at Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic before moving to Leahurst as a lecturer in equine medicine. Harry is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM), and his clinical interests include gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology and oncology.

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