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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Update

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Update

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Update

Christopher J. Borgman, OD, FAAO
Christopher J. Borgman, OD, FAAO
on behalf of Southern College of Optometry

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Launch date: 08 Dec 2015
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Last updated: 25 Aug 2018

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Dr Navneet Sandhu (8 Jan 2017)
no comments
Dr mehdi shams (6 Dec 2016)
very informative and clinically applicable.
Great lecture, usefull for life saving , prepare us to be more efficient in Dx. Thanks..

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Optometrists are often the first doctors to recognize this potentially visually devastating disease in patients presenting with complaints of headaches and/or changes in vision. This course aims to update the optometric clinician on the latest findings and current thinking in the management of patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). This course will review the necessary criteria for diagnosis of IIH, the associated signs and symptoms to be aware of during the ocular examination sequence, the appropriate co-management team, and the available treatment options including both medical as well as surgical interventions in this day and age of treating this disorder.


Course Objectives
1. Review the definition and diagnostic criteria needed for proper diagnosis.
2. Update current medical treatment options being used in IIH management.
3. Review surgical procedures used in management of IIH when medical management fails.
4. Review critical tests that are needed to follow patients appropriately.
Christopher J. Borgman, OD, FAAO

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Christopher J. Borgman, OD, FAAO
on behalf of Southern College of Optometry

Dr. Chris Borgman is currently a clinical instructor and faculty member at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology at Central College in Pella, Iowa and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry. Following graduation, Dr. Borgman completed a one-year residency in Primary Care and Ocular Disease at the Illinois College of Optometry/Illinois Eye Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Prior to joining the faculty at SCO, Dr. Borgman spent three years in a multi-doctor, private ophthalmology practice in Des Moines, Iowa which specialized in primary care, ocular disease, cataract surgery, and laser refractive surgery. He is a member of the American Optometric Association (AOA), the Tennessee Association of Optometry Physicians (TAOP), West Tennessee Optometric Physicians Society, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. He has authored many journal articles published on the topics of various ocular disease conditions, and has lectured in multiple continuing education venues on the topics of optometric billing/coding and other primary care ocular diseases.
Dr. Borgman currently supervises students in a clinical setting at The Eye Center at SCO and is also a course instructor in the classroom for the Ocular Pharmacology, Integrative Analysis, and Systemic Pathology courses at SCO. His areas of professional interest include: didactic and clinical education of students as well as primary care, ocular disease, ocular manifestations of systemic disease, neuro-optometry, and billing/coding.

Dr. Borgman enjoys spending time with his wife and little daughter, and is a slow-pitch softball and baseball enthusiast.

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Dr Navneet Sandhu (8 Jan 2017)
no comments
Dr mehdi shams (6 Dec 2016)
very informative and clinically applicable.
Great lecture, usefull for life saving , prepare us to be more efficient in Dx. Thanks..
Mr Farai Zinyembe (4 Nov 2016)
The lecture was very informative and very detailed for an optometrist. It's a lot to digest but nice too
Dr W David Pool O.D. (4 Dec 2016)
Excellent organization and flow.
Dr Mary Ann Button OD (31 Dec 2016)
Good lecture.
Dr Bradley Hines (3 Jul 2018)
excellent course
Dr Kirk Ewen (29 Oct 2016)
I was hoping to hear more about identifying treatment and referral threshold which I believe is more relevant to primary care optometry. I was hoping to hear more discussion on ONH assessment as it pertains to referral. I often have patients with raised nerves and 'indistinct' ONH margins but I do not sense any injection about the ONH and there is no other changes near the ONH. These cases could be simply a patient with a small & crowded ONH or it could be ONH drusen if not IIH. If the patient is complaining of headaches, I find it difficult deciding against referral, even after all diagnostic testing is normal.
Gregory Russell (26 Jul 2018)
Excellent course. Very informative
Dr Jessica Peel OD (26 Dec 2016)
Good lecture
Dr Michael Stoner OD (25 Feb 2017)
Very convienent and professionally done,
Dr Benjamin Winters (22 Mar 2017)
Very informative with great statistics.
Dr Quan Nguyen OD (22 Jan 2017)
Awesome and life saving. I am a little more confident in my ability to spot these.
Dr Elena Llewellyn OD (22 Dec 2016)
Dr Michael Yee O.D. (22 Dec 2016)
Such a great lecture! Thanks for posting.
Dr Leslynn Catlett OD (21 Feb 2017)
interesting, well presented
Dr Robert Kocembo OD, FAAO Dipl. FBCLA, FCOVD, FIACLE (2 Jan 2017)
Dr John Thompson (18 Dec 2016)
very informative
Dr Chris Jacob OD (18 Apr 2017)
Good information. Would be nice to see the slides more.
Dr Tonya Umbel OD (17 Jun 2018)
Thorough, well put together. Never got bored. Great new information!
Dr Thomas Nadeau OD (16 Feb 2017)
good course, it would be nice in the video to show the slides and not the speaker with the slides in the background. A little harder to read the slides this way
Dr Larry Baitch OD, PhD (16 Dec 2016)
Great course; Chris did a fine job. Comprehensive and interesting.
Dr Erin Follen (12 Jan 2017)
Very informative
Dr Alexander Martyres (10 Jan 2017)
Excellent lecture - engaging and informative.
Dr Sura Hassan (10 Jan 2017)
This was a great overview of IIH. Very useful!
Dr Wallace Cohron OD (1 Feb 2017)
great update on subject


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