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Understanding Variation

Understanding Variation

Understanding Variation

Professor John Compton
Professor John Compton
on behalf of Printing Industries of America

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Quality improvement, to a large extent, involves the study and reduction of variability. Variability always exists (even in consecutive press sheets, for example), although the variation can be trivial. But as variation increases, quality and consistency decrease. The magnitude and pattern of variation can be discovered through the collection of data and the use of simple statistical methods to interpret the results. Our course looks at the different causes of variation, how to measure it, and strategies to combat it. Understanding the variation of a particular process characteristic is also critical for knowing whether you can comfortably meet customer specifications.
Topics Covered:
· The fundamental nature of variation
· Common cause vs. special cause variation
· Use of control charts to determine if a process is stable
· Indications that special cause variation is causing a process to be “out of control”
· Strategies for reducing the different types of variation
· How to determine whether customer specifications can be met without excessive waste and rework


To understand the difference between statistical thinking and statistical methods as well how the reduction of variation leads to reduced waste and improved quality.
To be able to identify the total variation in any process, explain the two different sources as well as describe the two different strategies for reducing variation.
Professor John Compton

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Professor John Compton
on behalf of Printing Industries of America

Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology; Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt; Consultant to PIA

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An introduction to statistical thinking, process variation, its causes and strategies for reduction. The differences between naturally occurring variation and specifications is also explained.

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