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The Path to Better Feline Care: The AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® Program

The Path to Better Feline Care: The AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® Program

The Path to Better Feline Care: The AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® Program

Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)
Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners


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Launch date: 27 Mar 2015

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Last updated: 25 May 2018

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Mary Rupley (20 May 2018)
I expected more usable ideas not as much CFP marketing.
Bruce Ferguson (7 May 2018)
Not as many user tips as I expected
Dr Steven Peterson (1 May 2018)

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There are millions more owned cats than owned dogs in the U.S., yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently than dogs. Contributing to the decrease in cat visits is the stress associated with getting the cat to the veterinary practice, and owners who are unaware of the need for wellness and preventive care. The Cat Friendly Practice® program provides a solution to this trend and contains the tools for veterinary professionals to integrate a feline perspective and embrace the standards needed to elevate care for cats.


This webinar will educate veterinary professionals the following:
• Review of the findings of the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study (BVCUS) II & III and what they communicate about cat owner perspectives on feline health.
• Reversing the trend of cat visits being on the decline.
• How adopting feline-friendly perspective helps veterinary professionals embrace standards needed to elevate care for cats.
• Strategies for reducing the stress associated with the veterinary visits for all part
Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)

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Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DABVP (Feline)
on behalf of American Association of Feline Practitioners

Dr. Colleran is a 1990 graduate Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is the owner of two feline exclusive practices, one in Portland, Oregon founded in 2003 and the second in Chico, California founded in 1998. She received a Master’s in Animals and Public Policy in 1996 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeth is an ABVP Diplomate in Feline Practice. She is also a Past President of AAFP and is a member of the AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice Task Force.

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  • New York State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
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User Reviews (76)

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Mary Rupley (20 May 2018)
I expected more usable ideas not as much CFP marketing.
Bruce Ferguson (7 May 2018)
Not as many user tips as I expected
Dr Steven Peterson (1 May 2018)
Lisa Rodin (25 Apr 2018)
Great overview of the CFP program but I had hoped to get more tips that I could apply right away for working with cats
Dr David Foster DVM (18 Apr 2018)
Good insight on cat psychology
Dennis Herstein (18 Apr 2018)
Very informative with suggestion to my employer to encourage a cat friendly practice.
Jonathan Power (17 Apr 2018)
Good intro for wrapping your head around creating a more cat friendly practice
Atalla Ishak (17 Apr 2018)
very nice and intensive, good information
Dr Katherine Weitzel (10 Apr 2018)
Good overview of Cat Friendly Practice.
Andrea Yakel (2 Apr 2018)
Very good overview of Cat Friendly Practice.
Karen Bannow (30 Mar 2018)
Very informative on how to make our clients and their cats less stressed out, and how to make their appointments easier.
Kristy Johnson (17 Mar 2018)
Encouraging to know there is a place to go for ongoing support.
Link Welborn (14 Mar 2018)
could talk about some feline restraint techniques
Mr Gabriel Platas (2 Mar 2018)
Very informational and learned much about becoming a Cat Friendly Practice.
George Sutton (9 Feb 2018)
good begining
Sabrina Covey (29 Jan 2018)
It was a good overview of topics, and I am sure if I search for more specific information to further educate myself on the topic, I will be able to find it on the website.
Dr Christina Armour DVM (28 Jan 2018)
excellent information and resources.
Michelle Biller (24 Jan 2018)
Loved this insightful CE.
Katie Lucas (22 Jan 2018)
This program is beneficial in so many ways. Increase in cat visits, increase profits, increase work satisfaction.
Dr Mary Reichardt (17 Jan 2018)
If you're interested in becoming a cat friendly practice then this course might help you understand why you may want to do so. It does not offer many suggestions to help reduce stressful veterinary cat visits. Mainly it's just an overview of what the program offers.
Doc Wilson (16 Jan 2018)
I have cared for alot of cats on 40 friendly is a misnomer...we have a cat no one wanted, she lives on our deck and very happy. Vaccinating her is a challenge...CFP is a misnomer. Cats are just different...I care for alot at their homes and care for ferals as well. Dr Therese Wilson
Dr Susan Eigner DVM (12 Jan 2018)
Good- gives a good list of resources to help you make your practice cat friendly.
Dr David Loehndorf (6 Jan 2018)
Very encouraging to those veterinarians who have not yet joined the CFP. Well-organized and clearly established steps to become a member.
Maria Alvarez (6 Jan 2018)
Excellent! Should be implemented in every clinic.
Lauren Henderson (4 Jan 2018)
good for those starting out to better see the benefits of being more cat friendly
Mark Brannan (31 Dec 2017)
This program gave me some areas where i can begin to make the vet experience for cats better, and hopefully become a CFP.
Dr Melissa Theyyunni DVM (26 Dec 2017)
Thorough overview of the benefits of becoming cat friendly and changes to make your hospital more feline friendly.
Dr Cathie Morrow DVM (26 Dec 2017)
This is a very good introduction for how and why to become a feline friendly practice.
Miss Brooke Hendricks (24 Dec 2017)
Very nice to have the resources and can use them any time!
kristen rivas (24 Dec 2017)
Very informative for practitioners that are unaware of CFP! I am definitely interested in becoming certified!
Brandon Culbertson (22 Dec 2017)
Helpful established resources for any practice.
Heather Scholz (21 Dec 2017)
More information on handling aggressive cats would be helpful
Shawn McCorkle (21 Dec 2017)
Was informative on CFP program
Ms Jodi Kublin CVT (21 Dec 2017)
good information
Lyra Read (19 Dec 2017)
While the benefits of the CFP program were clearly explained, a few other tips in regards to handling fractious cats would have been helpful, as that tends to be the bulk of the must stressful feline visits.
Dr Richard Kahn (13 Nov 2017)
The cat friendly practice program seems valuable and I enjoyed the course but can't enter my license number and print the certificate. I've seen other complaints of this so will look for answers but it is frustrating.
Miss Sarah Ashauer (27 Oct 2017)
Good info on why it can be beneficial to work towards becoming a cat friendly practice.
Dr Joshua Peterson DVM (20 Apr 2017)
I enjoyed this elearning
Dr Joseph Orthoefer DVM, Mph, MAPA (20 Apr 2017)
I take care of research animals, Only a few of the points were of interest. The statements about a cat friendly environment were relevant.
Dr Kim Bollinger DVM (11 Apr 2017)
Can't wait to get started!
Dr Christina Kinkade DVM (21 Feb 2017)
Very well put together webinar with relevant tips to make cat's experience least stressful
Dr Rachelle Reid (21 Feb 2017)
Very important topic
Dr Madelyn Curll (18 Feb 2017)
Thank you for all the great information!!
Dr Mary Kloer DVM (15 Feb 2017)
Overall good summary of Cat Friendly and the patient and hospital benefits you can receive by becoming Cat Friendly.
Dr Julie McGhan DVM (15 Feb 2017)
Good information about the CFP program.
Dr Peter Davis DVM (13 Feb 2017)
Dr Julie Ann Martin (10 Feb 2017)
This system is well formatted and allows me to learn at my leisure. Very much appreciated
Mrs Erika Pond CVT (6 Feb 2017)
I am glad to be learning how to improve feline visits and look forward to applying the info asap
Ms Robyn Reynolds RVT (20 Jan 2017)
Sarah Grote (18 Jan 2017)
well done webinar. would benefit more to have more of the staff watch.
Dr Mary Cho (16 Jan 2017)
Very general information but still very important and interesting points.
Miss Colleen Jones CVT (11 Jan 2017)
helpful tips for general practice
Dr Sergio Fontoura (5 Jan 2017)
Very nice!
Mrs Laura Verran (31 Dec 2016)
Dr Kristey Reed (31 Dec 2016)
Great information. I look forward to trying to implement these changes in my clinic.
Dr Terezie Goedde-Stanberry DVM (30 Dec 2016)
Good, more specifics please.
Dr Michael Murphy DVM (28 Dec 2016)
Great CE.
Dr Alanna Miller DVM (20 Dec 2016)
Great information.
Dr Todd Lykins (18 Dec 2016)
Good introductory talk
Dr Alison Sass (15 Dec 2016)
Very help webinar, would love to see more pictures/examples of cat friendly practices.
Dr Mark Larson DVM (13 Dec 2016)
Dr pete davis dvm (13 Dec 2016)
gave me several good tips that I can implement now plus ideas on how to grow from there.Oo843O
Dr Linda Harbeck (12 Dec 2016)
Great learning experience! I am all fired up to join the Feline Pet Practice!
Dr McLean Gunderson DVM (9 Dec 2016)
Thought this was good.
Dr Allison Stock (8 Dec 2016)
This was good information and makes me very interested in completing the program to help provide better medicine for our feline patients.
Dr Andrew Schroyer DVM (30 Nov 2016)
The course provides good support as to why the CFP can help our patients and the practice
Dr Eugene Almazan DVM (29 Nov 2016)
Well-organized presentation. Numerous ideas on how to make your practice cat friendly.
Dr John Tune DVM (29 Nov 2016)
lots of amazing infor
Dr MaloRee Allen BS, DVM (28 Nov 2016)
Helpful infomration
Dr Robin Roller (23 Nov 2016)
Very good overview of program!
Good summary on the need for making practices more feline friendly.
Dr Sandra Sherman (14 Nov 2016)
The sound was horrible on this - with my volume maxed out I could barely hear it.
Dr Robert Stein DVM (12 Nov 2016)
Very enjoyable.
Dr Hannah Findlay DVM (9 Nov 2016)
Good information regarding CFP certification and resources for further information.
Ms Megan Raymond CVT (1 Nov 2016)
Great, informative
Dr Shelly Rodewald (29 Oct 2016)
Well done. Nicely paced. Not too slow and not too quick when disseminating information. Useful too.


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