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Clinical applications of immunotherapy in veterinary medicine

Clinical applications of immunotherapy in veterinary medicine

Clinical applications of immunotherapy in veterinary medicine

Dr. Nicola Mason
Dr. Nicola Mason
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association


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Cancer immunotherapy encompasses the use of the immune system to treat and prevent cancer. The intrinsic properties of adaptive immunity including immune surveillance, antigen specific targeting, cytotoxic effector functions, and immunological memory suggest that this approach may result in effective and complete tumor elimination and durable clinical responses. Unprecedented responses to different immunotherapeutics including checkpoint inhibitors and Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells in human oncology have underlined the incredible capability of appropriately activated and directed T cell responses to eliminate neoplastic cells. In this seminar, the basics of and barriers to effective anti-tumor immunity will be discussed. Promising veterinary clinical studies will be highlighted and a rational approach to evaluation of developing and commercially available veterinary immunotherapeutics will be discussed.


• To develop a working understanding of the main components of the immune system and how they interact to generate an effective adaptive immune response
• To understand the immunological barriers that prevent an effective anti-tumor immune response
• To understand the basic principles that underlie various immunotherapeutic approaches to treat cancer and critically evaluate their immunological effects in cancer patients

Dr. Nicola Mason

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Dr. Nicola Mason
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Veterinary Cancer Society Dr. Nicola Mason
Dr. Mason is a board certified veterinary internist and immunologist with extensive experience in the performance of immunotherapy clinical trials and evaluation of immunological responses in dogs with spontaneous cancer. In her career, Dr. Mason has worked on developing the canine model for evaluating chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapies and has successfully translated several promising strategies to generate anti-tumor immunity from the lab and pre-clinical murine models into client owned dogs with lymphoma, osteosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma. Dr. Mason has been actively involved in evaluating the immunological consequences of immune–based therapies in client owned dogs for over 10 years, and she has extensive experience in flow cytometric phenotyping of canine T cells and functional assays including ELISpot and cytotoxicity assays to investigate canine T cell responses. Her in vitro and in vivo work with RNA transfected CD40-activated B cells and recombinant Listeria technology has shown that tumor-specific immune responses can be generated and effectively measured ex vivo in dogs with spontaneous cancers. Both systems, first brought into the canine clinic by Dr. Mason, represent robust platforms to induce and evaluate antigen specific immune responses in dogs and determine their safety and therapeutic efficacy. Dr. Mason’s lab actively works to develop and validate diagnostic and therapeutic reagents for dogs including anti-canine antibodies, canine scFv phage display libraries and canine CAR T cells. Her lab has developed multiple SOPs for the use of these and other reagents in the laboratory and canine clinic. Dr. Mason also leads the recently formed NIH/NCI funded Coordinating Center for Canine Cancer Immunotherapy Trials.

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