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Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Kidney School Module 14

Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Kidney School Module 14

Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Kidney School Module 14

Dori Schatell, MS
Dori Schatell, MS
on behalf of Medical Education Institute

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Module 14 of Kidney School provides information about the rights and responsibilities of the person with kidney disease and their role as a member of the healthcare team. This module offers suggestions about how to handle conflicts with healthcare providers. Decision-making about end-of-life issues is also included in this module.

The purpose of Kidney School Continuing Education courses is to enable the learner to better understand the medical and psychosocial impacts of end stage renal disease, as well as patients’ experience of coping with this chronic condition.


List at least three of the eight rights dialysis patients have to information.
Dialysis patients’ right to information
• Health problems and treatment options
• Services the clinic offers
• Rules and policies for patient care
• Costs of care
• What to do in an emergency
• How to file a complaint
• Medical chart access
• Advance directive
List at least three of the six rights patients have to take part in their own care and treatment.
The right to take part in care and treatment
• Choosing or changing treatment
• Refusing treatment, tests, research
• Understanding information
• Seeing a social worker & dietitian
• Getting a second opinion or changing doctors
• Transferring to another clinic
List at least three responsibilities dialysis patients have in their own care.
Patient responsibilities
• Learn, choose a treatment, follow the treatment plan
• Be on time for visits; call if late
• Treat staff with respect
• Follow the clinic rules
• Pay for treatments; inform the clinic of any insurance changes
• Prepare for and avoid emergencies
Dori Schatell, MS

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Dori Schatell, MS
on behalf of Medical Education Institute

Medical Education Institute, Inc. Executive Director, Dori Schatell has a passionate commitment to patient self-management and over 30 years experience in the renal industry. She is the writer/editor of more than 200 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, booklets, books, fact sheets, and other pieces, as well as a national speaker and policy advocate.

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The Kidney School CE Planning Committee members are: Catherine G. Cox, RN, BSN, MS, Dori Schatell, MS, and Beth Witten, MSW, LSCSW.

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