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LamazeLIVE 2019: Finding the Path

LamazeLIVE 2019: Finding the Path

LamazeLIVE 2019: Finding the Path

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Launch date: 13 May 2019
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It has been more than twenty years since Kathy McGrath wrote her groundbreaking talk “Finding the Path”. The original talk sought to answer the question "Why should we encourage unmedicated childbirth?" It looked at birth as a rite of passage, a time for personal and psychological growth matched by few other life experiences, and why facing the challenge of childbirth can be beneficial.

What have we learned in the last two decades? Birth educators are still struggling with the issues of pain and suffering, of the perceived dichotomy of natural birth vs medicated birth and the tendency to look at them in black and white terms. This talk describes a framework for thinking about birth in a different way, one that can help women and their partners find and experience the right path through birth.

Participants may earn 1 Lamaze Contact Hour and 1.2 contact hour of CABRN upon successful completion.


Describe the psychological benefits of a challenging birth experience.
I. Birth is a rite of passage
A. Lessons learned in labor and birth transfer to life after birth
B. Challenges help us discover our deepest physical and psychological resources
1. How much is too much challenge?
2. Pain vs suffering
Name components of the “Hero’s Journey” which are applicable in birth.
A. Preparation for the journey ahead
1. Finding mentors, learning skills
B. Getting started
1. Apprehension, uncertainty
C. Facing challenges, big and small
D. The prize!
E. Incorporating the lessons learned
Describe the changing paradigm from ‘natural/interventionist birth’ to ‘embracing the challenge.’
A. Many negatively judge themselves with the current paradigm
B. Feelings of being capable and a sense of accomplishment have long term benefits

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on behalf of Lamaze International

Kathy McGrath is passionate about birth. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Fellow in the American College of Childbirth Educators. She has served on both the Faculty and Board of Directors of Lamaze International. She was the winner of the prestigious Elizabeth Bing Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Childbirth Education. She is a frequent speaker – locally and nationally -- on topics related to the emotional aspects of childbearing. Kathy is also a DONA certified birth doula, a doula trainer and formerly was a doula mentor (teacher trainer - one of only two people designated by DONA to do so).

She is a perinatal social worker specializing in work with women on issues related to childbearing and early parenting. She is on the Board of Directors of PATTCh – Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth. In collaboration with Kids Plus Pediatrics, she facilitates multiple support groups for new mothers, reaching between 50 and 80 mothers a week.

Kathy has been part of many firsts. She was in the first class of women at Johns Hopkins University, and was one of the first 10 certified doulas in North America. She was a founding member of The Birth Circle, an agency in Pittsburgh that provides birth support to women on medical assistance, and a founding member of PATTCH, an organization whose mission is to expand awareness and advance knowledge about traumatic birth and its adverse impact on childbearing women, their families and babies.

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