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On-Demand Learning: Peanut Balls – A Valuable Tool for Labor Progress

On-Demand Learning: Peanut Balls – A Valuable Tool for Labor Progress

On-Demand Learning: Peanut Balls – A Valuable Tool for Labor Progress

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Launch date: 14 Dec 2016

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Being able to offer multiple comfort and coping techniques is imperative for childbirth professionals. This activity will introduce learners to the peanut ball, how it is used to promote labor progress, and what parents and professionals are saying about the use of peanut balls in labor.

Participants can earn 0.5 Lamaze Contact Hours and 0.5 contact hours of CNE credit upon successful completion.


Identify the main use and positions for peanut balls in labor
A. Sizes
B. Positions
1. Side-lying
2. Semi-Fowlers
C. Research summary
Discuss the experience of mothers who have used the peanut ball.
A. Experience of unmedicated mothers
1. Positives and negatives

B. Experiences of mothers with epidurals
1. Positives and negatives
C. Mothers reports on labor progress
Examine the perspectives of various childbirth professionals on use of the peanut ball in labor.
A. Doulas
1. Thoughts and experiences
B. Nurses
1. Thoughts and experiences
C. Childbirth educators
1. Incorporating peanut ball into childbirth classes
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Lamaze International
on behalf of Lamaze International

Andrea Lythgoe, LCCE and doula, takes a look at the peanut ball as a tool for promoting labor progress for women resting in bed or with an epidural. Many more facilities are making this new tool available to laboring women. Childbirth educators will benefit by understanding how to teach peanut ball use to families in the classroom and those professionals who attend births will want to know about the benefits and proper usage as well. Andrea shares the research that is available along with the personal perspectives of those who have used them firsthand. - Sharon Muza, Science & Sensibility Community Manager.

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