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JPE 25.1: Theorists and Techniques: Connecting Education Theories to Lamaze Teaching

JPE 25.1: Theorists and Techniques: Connecting Education Theories to Lamaze Teaching

JPE 25.1: Theorists and Techniques: Connecting Education Theories to Lamaze Teaching

Lamaze International
Lamaze International
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Should childbirth educators connect education theory to technique? Is there more to learning about theorists than memorizing facts for an assessment? Are childbirth educators uniquely poised to glean wisdom from theorists and enhance their classes with interactive techniques inspiring participant knowledge and empowerment? Yes, yes, and yes. This article will explore how an awareness of education theory can enhance retention of material through interactive learning techniques. Lamaze International childbirth classes already prepare participants for the childbearing year by using positive group dynamics; theory will empower childbirth educators to address education through well-studied avenues. Childbirth educators can provide evidence-based learning techniques in their classes and create true behavioral change.

Participants can earn 1.0 Lamaze Contact Hours and 1.0 contact hours of CNE credit upon successful completion.


Summarize learning theories focused on group learning, cognitive development, psychosocial development, and learning styles and the application of these theories to childbirth education development and delivery.
A. Bandura- Social Cognitive Theory
B. Vygotsky- Sociocultural Theory
C. Brown- Reciprocal Teaching and Discovery Learning
D. Piaget-Cognitive Development
E. Erikson- Psychosocial Development
F. Kolb- Experiential Learning Styles
Explain the theories of empathy, moral development, and culturally diverse populations and how these theories are utilized in the childbirth educator role.
A. Maslow’s Hierarchy
B. Bronfenbrenner-Ecological Systems Theory
C. Kohlberg-Theory of Moral Development
D. Gilligan-Theory of Moral Development
E. Crenshaw-Theory of Intersectionality
F. Bell-Critical Race Theory
Summarize theories of multiple and emotional intelligence and the significance of these theories on childbirth educators
A. Gardener
B. Goleman
Lamaze International

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Lamaze International
on behalf of Lamaze International

MARY JO PODGURSKI became certified as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator in the 1970s. She founded the Academy for Adolescent Health in 1988 and continues to serve pregnant and parenting teens. Dr. Podgurski is the author of 16 books. She is the mother of three adult children and a “nonnie” to three grandchildren.

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