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Washington Technician Law: For Technicians

Washington Technician Law: For Technicians

Washington Technician Law: For Technicians

Jenny Arnold, Pharm.D., BCPS
Jenny Arnold, Pharm.D., BCPS
on behalf of Washington State Pharmacy Association

$250.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00

$250.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00

$ 250.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00
$ 250.00 $ 250.00 $ 250.00
Normal Price: $250.00 $250.00


Launch date: 19 Jul 2017
Expiry Date: 18 Jul 2020

Last updated: 19 Apr 2019

Reference: 128078

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Latest User Comments

Mr William Watford (9 Sep 2018)
Very helpful course, tricky exam question though.
Yoandy Rumbaut Gonzalez (9 May 2018)
too long
Ms Katherine Hofmann CPhT (9 May 2018)
It was hard to hear what she was saying at times.

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Course Availability

This course is only available to trainees 60 days after purchase. It would need to be repurchased by the trainee if not completed in the allotted time period. This course is no longer available. You will need to repurchase if you wish to take the course again.


This CE training is intended only for technicians. This Certificate Program is designed for Technician’s that need to get their 8 hours of Washington Law. The Washington State Pharmacy Association Technician Law Certificate Program consists of 7 chapters.

ACPE UAN# 0130-0000-17-084-H03-T| 8 hrs. |Release Date: 7/18/2017 | Expiration Date: 7/18/2020 | WSPA Member $125 Non-Member $250

In order to receive credit, you must get a score of at least 70% correct responses. If you do not achieve 70% or better, you will be allowed to take 2 retakes. If you pass with a 70%, you will receive a certificate and the CE will be uploaded to the CPE Monitor within a few days. You will need to make sure that your NABP e-Profile ID# and Date of birth are entered into your profile under the CPE Monitor Integration Details. If this information is not entered your CE can not be uploaded.


• Classify the members of the Washington State Pharmacy Commission
• Explain the powers and duties of the Pharmacy Commission
• Review the fundamentals of Washington State Laws and regulations
• Differentiate between the duties of pharmacists, technicians, interns, and pharmacy assistants
• Define the Practice of Pharmacy and other key terms
• Discuss the licensure requirements for pharmacists, technicians, interns and pharmacy assistants.
• Explain specialized technician functions
Jenny Arnold, Pharm.D., BCPS

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Jenny Arnold, Pharm.D., BCPS
on behalf of Washington State Pharmacy Association

Dr. Jenny Arnold is the Director of Pharmacy Practice Development for the Washington State Pharmacy Association. She completed her PharmD at the University of Washington, and her Pharmacy Practice Residency at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Jenny is a Volunteer with the King County Medical Reserve Corps, and helps to coordinate pharmacy emergency preparedness with the State of Washington and local health jurisdictions. She has co-authored Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding for disaster response.

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This course has been certified by or provided by the following Certified Organization/s:

  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
  • 8.00 Hours -
    Exam Pass Rate: 75
    Reference: 0130-0000-17-084-H03-T

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User Reviews (79)

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Mr William Watford (9 Sep 2018)
Very helpful course, tricky exam question though.
Yoandy Rumbaut Gonzalez (9 May 2018)
too long
Ms Katherine Hofmann CPhT (9 May 2018)
It was hard to hear what she was saying at times.
(9 Mar 2019)
Although the material was good it was very difficult to hear the speaker at times, I feel that them may need to update the audio.
Ms Iryna Bahctinova (8 Oct 2018)
Horrible ,I wish I can say different . The coursevery unclearly explains the policy of passing the exam and the policy of retakes . The course and lecture itself is very poor quality , some lessons are barely loud enough to hear and some slides actually have Grammatic mistakes . There are no pictures of review and the lecture is very dull and uninteresting That’s unbelievable! That’s for $250 per course. I’m just a pharmacy technician how am I supposed to even have this money.
Mrs Christal Virgen (8 Feb 2018)
The audio wasn't very good as it cut out often or was missing entirely. However, the information given was good and helpful.
(7 Jan 2019)
Probably the worst online training I've ever experienced. The slides are fuzzy. The accompanying audio is horrible. It is difficult to hear, poorly recorded; full of mistakes, stammering and some of the worst editing I've ever encountered. The whole thing needs to be redone/replaced. I think the information would be good if it weren't so tremendously difficult to suss out what it is. I want my money back. For the quality of this thing it should be free.
Mrs Jennifer Rebsch (7 Jan 2018)
For the amount paid, not very professional. Pages would skip, no way to go back one page to see what was missed, sounded like it was recorded at home in a bathroom? with cell phone pinging and traffic in the background. Sometimes wording was garbled and misunderstanding, lengthy and not matching what was on the screen. Sorry to complain...but I'm grateful that this course was available and passable... Thank you
Miss Hilary Viernes (6 Aug 2018)
Too long and it gets hard to hear in the end. A lot of repetitive information too.
Ms Insil Rivera (6 Apr 2018)
Good to recap of all pharmacy technician works. But ppt slides have some blurred fonts, if it makes bigger, more blur. Audio has some problem, too, some sessions have very low sound.
(5 Feb 2019)
It is a very informative course....slightly monotone
Ms Analiese Aguirre (5 Aug 2018)
My only complaint is the quality of the presentation. It kept going in and out, silent at times, and then other would skip past without finishing a topic. The information was superb! I wish that I could have heard the whole presentation in its entirety with no malfunction in the recording process.
Kenna Lonborg (5 Apr 2018)
This course was very informative! I agree with some other reviewers, though, in that the volume of the audio varied from course to course and was hard to understand in places.
Mr Dallin DeFord (4 May 2018)
The speaker has used a very poor microphone, likely a built in laptop microphone, so audio varies in quality throughout the course. In most cases, the speaker sounds as if she's talking into a tin can. Most of the questions for the test are covered in the course, but several items needed to be found with further research.
Mrs Ghazaleh Sadeghpour (4 Mar 2019)
The sound was not good at all, the lectures and the notes were blurry and sometimes it was cut off in the middle of her lecture.
Ms Olivia Smith (31 Mar 2019)
Very long, very hard to hear her.
Ms Dallas Olive (31 Jul 2018)
The information in this CE is great, a bit out dated but it is generally very useful. The audio is poor however. It goes from loud to quiet without warning and can be very difficult to understand the speaker.
Elizabeth Bingham (30 Oct 2018)
There were times with speech was hard to hear. Sometimes slides went by without any voice comments and without time to read them. Several questions I never found answer to.
Some of the audio sounded like the preceptor, a new word for me, was at the back of the room and made for difficulty hearing at times but I appreciated the humor in a few of the questions and overall enjoyed learning from the lessons about Washington law in regards to pharmacy technicians. The material was well paced and if I needed to go back to listen to a topic more than once, I was glad the set up allowed for this.
Mrs Jessica Loughlin (30 Jan 2017)
It would be nice to be able to review the slides after the presentation.
Ms Brionna Pleasant (30 Apr 2017)
Sound quality wasn't the best was hard to understand some parts but overall a good experience
Lisa Kim-Moats (3 Oct 2018)
Slides would skip past some pages briefly.
Mr Connor Burch (3 Jan 2019)
It was really long and some sections contained content that had nothing to do with the technician and could be shortened.
Mr Alexander Kibara (3 Apr 2019)
loading on the system had some issues
Brittany Webb (3 Apr 2019)
wonderful course
Mrs Karen Lee (29 Jan 2019)
This course was very informative and was also thorough.
Victoria Collier (28 May 2018)
This course gave a lot of helpful information, but I think the narration could be improved. The woman teaching the course was messing up very frequently on reading the information.
Ms Alaa Druz (28 Jan 2019)
the lecturer is awful
Miss Shae Ballesteros (28 Jan 2019)
The information is direct but the sound is muffled at times.
Ms Heather Kleffman (27 Oct 2016)
the video was hard to hear what was being said towards chapters 6 and 7
Matthew Bradwell (27 Jul 2018)
Useful information but it sounds like there recording underwater. really need to update the sound quality very hard to hear especially since this course is 250$
Mrs Shujuana Williams (25 Jan 2019)
Was not able to hear some of the slides and some slides skipped so you missed information.
Miss madelyn scharnhorst (25 Feb 2019)
Can't hear session 7.
Ms Elora Hoberecht (24 May 2018)
The overall course was a bit monotonous; I had to take several breaks throughout. The audio quality was not stellar but this was not a major issue. Overall, the course was very informative and succeeded in teaching pharmacy law.
Mr Zachariah Davis (24 Mar 2017)
overall the information was laid out very nicely although the audio wasn't the best at times.
Shkisa Rambo (24 Jun 2018)
Some slides you could not understand the instructor
Mrs Belen Trujillo Quintana (24 Dec 2018)
The audio is very bad at times becoming so low that it cannot be heard even with the loudest setting. The slides abruptly may change without being given enough time to view them. The person reading the slides sometimes does not speak very smoothly. There was a bit of repetition but overall very informative.
Mrs Josefina Montiel (24 Dec 2018)
Some of the slides were missed, and sound was poor quality
Mrs Sheryl Mason (23 Nov 2016)
Many issues with volume, slides etc. Needs to be redone.
rachel mitchell (22 Sep 2018)
Information was there, however sound was in and out and speaker was not fun to listen to. Entirely too long
Kimberly Markishtum (22 Mar 2018)
Audio quality was horrible. Most of the slides, I was unable to hear what the instructor was saying even with my volume turned all the way up.
Angelina Chaillaux (21 Mar 2018)
The content was good, but i believe in section 3 and 5 the speaker was cut off, and it jumped to a different part. I re-loaded that section thinking maybe it was my computer buffering, but it is within the actual presentation. Also, every other section the volume of her voice would change, as in it would get very quiet like she was far away
(21 Jan 2019)
this is awful. The audio is terrible. I can understand cat language better than the lady/android that attempted to speak English in this terrible, EXPENSIVE, program.
Mrs Nancy Antonio-Bahena (20 Mar 2017)
It was a very nice pace learning.
Mrs Elizabeth Bromley (20 Mar 2017)
overall it was fairly understandable and easy. although I will say it was hard pushing my state laws out of my head while answering some questions.
Ms Amy Branson (2 Sep 2018)
At times the audio was very hard to hear.
Mrs Meagan Lunsford (2 May 2018)
Audio was very hard to hear in certain sections, also slides skipped, and audio didn't match slides.
Cynthia Ware (19 Sep 2018)
The pharmacist that is reading for the course needs to be able to read clearer. Needs to have a better sound system very hard to hear at times (sounds like she is in a tin can). Turn off the cell phone.
Heidi VanAlstine (19 Nov 2018)
A little skippy in parts but well done
Mrs Monique Net (19 May 2017)
Great! Audio cut out in some parts but I was able to follow the presentation smoothly.
Mrs Katherine McCarty (19 Jun 2018)
Author had a hard time reading out loud and seemed to get confused on what she was talking about. I found it to be pretty distracting.
Ms Amber Barton (19 Apr 2018)
Good class. The practice test is very helpful.
Christopher Tucker (19 Apr 2018)
Audio quality was sometimes low; some slides were skipped without audio commentary; some audio commentary on slides was cut off; and on at least one occasion, audio was provided for the incorrect slide, resulting in one slide entirely lacking audio while another had its audio played twice. Some questions on the exam were also not directly addressed by the course material and required independent research into Washington law.
Mrs Lindsay Ross (18 Nov 2016)
Some slides seemed like they either were skipped or went way to fast. Also the last 2 sessions were muffled and hard to understand if there was background noise at home, Otherwise long, but effective.
Mary Place (18 Mar 2018)
information was good very poor quality of voice control and sometimes the concepts for the exam are unclear. but it helped me pass!
Ms Mary Denny (18 Apr 2017)
This was a definite benefit to my licensing in washington from California. It was easy to follow, sound was off at times but not distracting.
Mrs Michelle Wood (17 Oct 2018)
very hard to hear in some sections, some slides didn't stay on screen nor did the audio play.
Tatyana Rozova (17 Nov 2018)
Questions weren't straight forward. There were times when it was really hard to hear the instructor due to back ground noise. Some slides were blurry.
patricia kumar (17 Jul 2018)
The girls who spoke in the video, it was very boring and not interesting. I had to mute their voices and read it on my own. Their speech wasn't clear and the tone kept going up and down. The information was presented in a way where it was hard to want to learn it.
Mr Henry Deane (17 Jan 2018)
Audio quality varied wildly, course presenter had issues several times with the script, several slides were completely skipped. The whole thing could benefit from a good editor and some re-records.
Ms brandy gale (17 Aug 2018)
Very informative but at time the sound was not the greatest.
Ms Annalee Hastings (16 Nov 2016)
A lot of the questions on the test have similar answers that could be correct. The information and questions need to be more direct and easier to understand and follow. Also, the volume is off on quite a bit of the audio.
Mr Philip Whetstone (16 May 2018)
Some of the audio wasn't crystal clear and some slides jumped by a little too quick requiring me to go back and pause to read, but over all the course was informative and helpful.
Maria Bonnell (16 Jul 2018)
Not bad, lots of good information. some parts were hard to hear and sounded like she was in a tunnel. Some slides seem to have been cut off too early, and in some instances contradictory information seemed to be provided. I would like to be able to review the ones I got wrong.
(16 Jan 2019)
Good course overall, very explanatory and detailed. It was hard to hear her voice at times, and in the end of almost each slide a little part of a recorded text is cut out, to meet the 8 hour time requirement I assume.
Jana Pearce (15 Mar 2019)
Very frustrating to listen to. Presenter not speaking into microphone - over explained some situations.
Allen Naegelen (15 Apr 2018)
The audio for this course isn't very good. The speaker is sometimes cut off mid sentence by whomever edited the audio, and at times sounds as if it was recorded from the bottom of a well. Aside from that the course did do a good job of conveying the needed information.
Ms Justine Holman (14 Mar 2019)
This training was just awful. The speaker was not speaking smoothly, stuttering/messing up words, mono tone. Some slides were not being changed at the correct times so the speaker would be talking about something that you couldn't even read along with seeing as though you cannot fast forward the presentation ! There were no pictures, colors, interaction, or anything to make this training even the smallest bit enjoyable. Soooo boring and hard to pay attention with the lack of "life" to it. I dozed off during almost every section I think ! And all this for $250 ?? Please do better. The exam is easy though.
Kris Krishnan (14 Jun 2018)
A pdf print out of the presentation would help to read Pharmacy Laws,
Mrs Rebecca Cook CPhT (14 Feb 2018)
The audio quality was shoddy, for the price paid you would think there would be better editing. There is also an error in the answers to what year new drugs were required to be proven effective.
Mrs Christine Wong (14 Feb 2017)
The audio wasn't perfect (sometimes low and then sometimes high); kept getting cut off at the end of the slides but if you were paying attention to the end of the slides, it was alright. There are some spelling issues but that is not a big deal. I liked that there was a lot of information given.
Miss Phuong Doan (12 May 2018)
some slide with lecture and instructor speaking not very good sound to listen it
Mr Bobby Tumlinson (12 Feb 2018)
Audio needs to be fixed and several slides just completely stop or skip before I can read them.
Mrs Ashley Shelton (12 Aug 2018)
it is long but it is very informative
Miss Candace Brewer (11 Oct 2018)
Clearer speech and pace would’ve helped much better in learning .
Zachary McGhee (10 Jan 2017)
I think it would be beneficial if the slides were redone in such a way that the audio could be better. There were also parts where the end of the slide was cut off. while I understand that it may not be the end of the world, it would be helpful if I knew what was trying to be communicated.
Ms Britnee Bailey (10 Apr 2017)
Thank you
Adrianna Pizzola (1 Sep 2018)
It was very informative however the sounds was terrible for the last couple of slides.
Mr Viktor Golovin (1 May 2018)
Difficult to hear some of the adios during parts of the lectures in some sessions. The lecture seemed to be scripted and monotone.


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