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Schizoprenia and the Specifc Care Needs of Older People

Schizoprenia and the Specifc Care Needs of Older People

Schizoprenia and the Specifc Care Needs of Older People

Debra Shearman
Debra Shearman
on behalf of Nurse CPD

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This course provides an overview of schizophrenia and older people: Incidence: Symptoms: Psychosis: Principles of person centred care and management specific to the needs of older people.


Care and Management of people with Schizophrenia.
At the end of this course you should be able to:
Describe what is meant by the term schizophrenia
List the negative symptoms of schizophrenia
List the positive symptoms of schizophrenia
Discuss the physical, mental and social burden for older people with schizophrenia
Provide an overview of the care challenges associated with older people with schizophrenia
Describe psychosis
Outline the recommended therapies for older people with a history of schizophrenia
Describe the characteristics of a consumer centred model of care
Outline the potential serious adverse effects of medications use in the management of schizophrenia
Apply the information when providing care and services to older people with schizophrenia.
Debra Shearman

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Debra Shearman
on behalf of Nurse CPD

Deb has just celebrated her 40th anniversary as a registered nurse. She currently lives in Sydney Australia.

Deb has a diverse background in nursing and business having worked across the nursing and health services fields of general, midwifery, mothercraft, drug and alcohol, health promotion and aged care in nursing, counsellor, supervisory and management and educator roles.

Deb has always had a passion for education and strong commitment to the professional development of nurses. Her philosophy is that people have the right to be cared for by those with the knowledge, practical and interpersonal skills to do their job safely, respectfully and holistically.

Deb’s ethos is that learning and development should be directly work relevant and support the day to day work that people do as well as aspiring them to gain further qualifications and to pursue career advancement.

Deb is the CEO and a founding director of CQI Internet Solutions Pty Ltd established in 2004. The company was the first to offer aged care specific online learning in Australia and has delivered over 383,000 course enrolments to nurses, care workers, hospitality staff, administrative staff and allied health professionals across Australia.

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