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SXSW Edu 2016: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems

SXSW Edu 2016: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems

SXSW Edu 2016: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems

Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Temple Grandin
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators


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Launch date: 24 Aug 2016

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Last updated: 16 Jun 2018

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Mrs Crystal Johnston MEd (14 Jun 2018)
There are interesting ideas presented,but not a lot of practical classroom applications. The presentation seemed all-over-the place.
Amanda Swader (14 Jun 2018)
Informative and I liked Dr. Grandin's perspective on learning.
Shawna Ward (13 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed the information!!!

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Temple Grandin is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. As a speaker, Dr. Grandin inspires and motivates others through her powerful story. Watch her SXSWedu 2016 opening keynote, Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems!


Enhancing Student Achievement
Dr. Temple Grandin

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Dr. Temple Grandin
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

Dr. Temple Grandin currently works as a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and speaks around the world on both autism and cattle handling.

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User Reviews (83)

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Mrs Crystal Johnston MEd (14 Jun 2018)
There are interesting ideas presented,but not a lot of practical classroom applications. The presentation seemed all-over-the place.
Amanda Swader (14 Jun 2018)
Informative and I liked Dr. Grandin's perspective on learning.
Shawna Ward (13 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed the information!!!
Deborah Hindman (11 Jun 2018)
Appreciated Dr. Grandin's down-to-earth philosophy.
Melissa Kerry (9 Jun 2018)
Very informative.
STACY GRIGG (7 Jun 2018)
Enjoyed this class.
Mrs Monica Aguilar (6 Jun 2018)
Such great information! I will look for her books!
stephanie mcknight (6 Jun 2018)
Anna Reed (5 Jun 2018)
I loved hearing how we need all kinds of different thinkers on projects!
Mrs Sarah Morgan (4 Jun 2018)
Loved the information and new perspective
Katherine Green (3 Jun 2018)
I liked how she described the different ways of thinking.
Linda Paschal (31 May 2018)
Wonderful! Temple is AMAZING!
Ms Katy Mulvaney (26 May 2018)
Intense delivery but very good points. No solutions but a new way of looking at problems.
Holly Sanders (22 May 2018)
This is a great reminder that not all students think the same way.
Yolanda Kautz (17 May 2018)
I enjoyed it!
Sylvia Jones (6 May 2018)
Really interesting about visual thinkers and hands on and drawing and importance of working skills.
Gale Lopez (4 May 2018)
Very informative
Heather Lovell (30 Apr 2018)
Excellent online course with great problem solving strategies.
Emily Saunders (27 Apr 2018)
Interesting speaker and relevant, thought-provoking content on importance of identifying and accommodating different learning styles.
Mr Ernesto Carreon (25 Apr 2018)
Very informative session.
Guadalupe Novak (23 Apr 2018)
Great speaker! Love how she presented the value of having different minds work together.
Tryna Smith (21 Apr 2018)
Great lecture
Michelle Shepherd (20 Apr 2018)
Dr. Grandin is an amazing speaker! I enjoyed every minute of her discussion and will be purchasing her books! Such great information to start exploring!
Jennifer Davis (11 Apr 2018)
enjoyed learning about different thinkers
David Taylor (28 Mar 2018)
Charles Lyons (27 Mar 2018)
Very helpful, Great approach!
Mrs Elda Flores (15 Mar 2018)
Great information, makes one more aware of all the different ways people think and how working together is improtant.
Catherine Clarke (13 Mar 2018)
I highly recommend this talk. I myself have been diagnosed with Asperger's. It is interesting to approach this from that perspective.
Martha Dorow (6 Mar 2018)
Very helpful for those of us working with diverse learning populations - in other words, any educator. Dr. Grandin's perspective and matter-of-fact delivery are refreshing.
Kimberly Northup (6 Mar 2018)
Very interesting speaker who gave me a great deal to think about when working with students and adults who might be on the autism spectrum.
Mrs Ruth Pasalagua (6 Mar 2018)
Helpful information.
Randi Watson (26 Feb 2018)
Wonderful presentation!
Jennifer Swihart (21 Feb 2018)
I love what she says about starting kids with what they know.
Branda Barnas (6 Feb 2018)
Awesome information!
Melissa Almand (4 Feb 2018)
Thank you for sharing. It was enjoyable
Judy Porter (29 Jan 2018)
Everyone needs to hear this. Great speaker!
Melissa Ellis (25 Jan 2018)
I Love Temple Grandin! She is incredibly correct in the way she speaks about the way different minds work.
Pamela Finger (24 Jan 2018)
Easy to listen to and understand. Dr. Temple Grandin keeps it current with information. Enjoyed the q & a at the end.
Jennifer Elam (19 Jan 2018)
Engaging and informative!
Kimberly Wilson Parsons (18 Jan 2018)
This is by far one of the best free online CPE opportunities available. So good, in fact, that I'm going to be sharing with other educators, parents and other friends. Very inspiring, evidence-based, engaging. Too bad most other CPEs for teachers aren't half as interesting!
Mrs Kristi Augustine (10 Jan 2018)
This was a fantastic testimony to the potential in each human life. I truly enjoyed her talk.
Denise Littlejohn (2 Jan 2018)
Entertaining, she makes a good point in having a hands on aspect of learning to allow students to see how the information is used and present a practical use.
mary crean (30 Dec 2017)
Is there a gray haired mentor program at any public school? 3D printing is great idea but not happening at many schools.
Alicia Hinkle (19 May 2017)
I found this SXSWEdu to be very informative and got so much out of this!
Mrs Michelle Atkeisson (8 May 2017)
Phenomenal and entertaining!!
Mrs Ida J Holloway Byrd (8 May 2017)
This professional developmental is vital in that I teach students that are on the autism spectrum. I find that the information provided about visual learners is very essential for the success of students in my classroom. It has helped me to understand some needs for real differentiation when it comes to teaching students who are visual learners.
Mrs Karen Roan M.Ed (8 May 2017)
It is always a pleasure to hear Dr. Grandin speak. As a teacher of children with Autism, she provides inspiration to expect great things from my students.
Mrs rebecca harris (7 May 2017)
very informative and interesting to listen to
Mrs Araceli Hernandez (6 May 2017)
Excellent advice for parents and teachers on understanding our students. Work with what they "can" do!
Diana Lozano (6 May 2017)
This video provided interesting information on a topic I know very little about yet I find very interesting. I would like to find her book and read to learn more about her point of view.
David Cole (3 May 2017)
She's never boring to listen to...a real compendium of ideas and a ball of energy!
Mr Charlie Perryman (2 May 2017)
I appreciated the format and subject matter of this PD. When you usually find yourself completing online modules, watching a keynote address is a nice break from norm.
Mr Joshua Shiel M.Ed. (17 Apr 2017)
great speech
Mrs Julie Sholl (12 Apr 2017)
Great presentation... brings to light that all children can be very successful if they are exposed to it at a young age.
Bethany Leadon (11 Apr 2017)
Good presentation. Nice to hear from someone who has personally experienced this.
Mrs Regenia Dixon (7 Apr 2017)
There was a lot of great information that really made me think about how some of my students are seeing my lessons and what I can do to help them.
Anthony Schreck (5 Apr 2017)
She is a very good speaker. She has lived what she is talking about. Great presentation.
Ms Cristina Galindo (5 Apr 2017)
This was a really interesting lecture. Learning about different mind sets/ thinking patterns can really help me as a teacher on how to teach and conduct different lessons to accommodate theses types of students.
patricia ellis (31 Mar 2017)
There are ways to work with every learner.
Stephanie Cone (29 Mar 2017)
Every student is different, and this was helpful in learning ways to attend to different learners.
Mrs Martha Baker (25 Mar 2017)
I saw her movie and love listening to her and how she perseveres.
Mrs Ronnette Guevara (21 Mar 2017)
Great information on understanding different learning styles for student with/ without special needs.
Mrs Heather Loop (10 Mar 2017)
I appreciated Ms. Grandin's discussion of different learning styles. Her anecdotal stories helped the audience better understand how her mind works and also how to reach all types of students in her classroom.
Mrs Jo Ladd (8 Mar 2017)
Very much thought provoking and informational.
Mrs Crystal Kruzel (7 Mar 2017)
Very informative about how to help and approach learners all learners with and without special needs. It even gave me some insight about my daughter who may be autistic. Thank you!
Mrs Nicole Cozadd (2 Mar 2017)
This was a very informative and illuminating presentation. I appreciated hearing a new perspective on how to approach teaching students with special needs such as autism or ADHD.
Ms Felisha Sellers (1 Mar 2017)
I found this lesson to be not only informative but a bit inspirational. She shows that people on the spectrum not only learn differently but they contribute quite a bit to society...they must be given a chance.
Mr William Heikell (18 Feb 2017)
Its was of great help to me and my students.
Lauren Shoemaker (18 Feb 2017)
Awesome speaker! Have always heard about her but never watched or attended! Lots of great info to consider with my autistic students!
Ms Kristina Lewis (17 Feb 2017)
This was a fascinating look into children's and adults' experiences with autism. I learned so much even though I have some students with autism in my classes. I will look at them differently now. There should be more seminars like this one.
Mrs Angeline Brown (8 Feb 2017)
I work with kids all across the spectrum and my own son has high functioning Aspergers. I value everything Temple Grandin has to say and use it in my work with my son and my students.
Ms Staci Fowler (7 Feb 2017)
More like this would be great. I have an autistic boy in prek right now. More in-depth would be great.
Miss Mary Ketchum (4 Feb 2017)
Dr. Gradin is awesome! Children need to stay off of their babysitting electronics, so they can explore the world. One needs to prepare for a career at a young age.
Mrs Brenda Stefancik (30 Jan 2017)
Absolutely love Temple Grandin. Can't get enough of her insight.
Dr Kimberley Cox (30 Jan 2017)
I think that this presentation by Ms. Grandin was excellent in explaining how different people learn. It reinforces that one size does not fit all when it comes to education and that teachers need to be aware of this, get training, and learn how to implement better teaching practices for all learners. I would definitely like to see more lessons in this category.
Mrs Bridgette Hunton (18 Jan 2017)
This was a great reminder that even outside of autism, we should remember that everyone learns differently! We should do our best to figure out how to use each students best learning style to help them understand the content.
Mrs Bethany Gamez (12 Jan 2017)
Quite insightful.
Mrs Courtney Davis (19 Dec 2016)
I loved hearing from a successful adult who has autism. I thank her for reinforcing that there world is pictures. Such amazing accomplishments.
Mrs Sheila Jones (1 Dec 2016)
A very interesting person. My mother would have called her a "character." I agreed with the points she made about getting students back to real world touching and creating. I can't imagine creating with something that I've never touched.
Ms Kacy Wilson (29 Nov 2016)
This was a great course! I have been a Temple for several years! Very interesting person with great insight.
Mrs Janet Pena (12 Nov 2016)
Great information
Mr Nathanael Stinson (1 Nov 2016)
I thought this course was very valuable and informative
Mrs Julie Ibarra (27 Oct 2016)
This helped me understand how children's brains can think so differently.


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