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Developing Control Over Attention

Developing Control Over Attention

Developing Control Over Attention

All Kinds of Minds
All Kinds of Minds
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Denise Littlejohn (2 Jan 2018)
Good points are made and lists of helpful suggestions are included. I did find it to be very repetitive.
mary crean (31 Dec 2017)
repetattive information, caused me to be confused
Mrs Mikeela Hudson (18 May 2017)
This course is an in depth guide on how to teach time management to your students.

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If students are asked: "What does it mean when someone asks you to pay attention?" they might say, "It means to concentrate," or "It means to look at the teacher." When asked how they might concentrate harder on the teacher, a typical response might be: "Just pay attention more." But attention is much more than just "paying attention."
Attention is a system of controls that can help students with such things as working consistently each day, focusing on the right details when reading, and thinking ahead about what to say. Every day, students are expected to use their attention skills to succeed with school work, control behavior, and relate well to others. Different students will show different strengths and weaknesses in this area. For example, some students might find it easy to concentrate on information that isn't very exciting, but have a hard time staying awake while sitting still.
Helping students understand the different controls of attention and ways to strengthen all aspects of attention can increase their success throughout life.


Help students understand the different controls of attention and ways to strengthen all aspects of attention.
All Kinds of Minds

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All Kinds of Minds
on behalf of Association of Texas Professional Educators

At All Kinds of Minds, we are passionate about learning. About giving teachers the knowledge to reach all their students. About the science of learning. About seeing every student reach their potential – fully!
By building expertise around how students learn, we can transform schools. We can put the knowledge of how to help students where it belongs – in the hands of teachers. And we can prepare all kinds of minds for success in school and life.

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Denise Littlejohn (2 Jan 2018)
Good points are made and lists of helpful suggestions are included. I did find it to be very repetitive.
mary crean (31 Dec 2017)
repetattive information, caused me to be confused
Mrs Mikeela Hudson (18 May 2017)
This course is an in depth guide on how to teach time management to your students.
Marla Perez (12 May 2017)
Very useful information on how to utilize different tips on how we as educators can apply different strategies to help our students maintain their full focus; and how we can educate our students to apply many helpful strategies to maximize their attention to complete tasks especially challenging ones
Mrs Kimberly Clark (11 May 2017)
I love the idea of this presentation, but I didn't hear any concrete information on how to help different kinds of students in the classroom.
Jonathon Cobb (11 May 2017)
I thought this course was very useful. I teach Physical Education and these techniques can be used for my gym classroom as well. Thank you for the support!
Stephany Goodwin (8 May 2017)
Very confusing to navigate at first, so I will leave a tip for future users: Open the notes .pdf provided in the slide, and click on each LINK within the .pdf to get the information to fill out the notes. Great course otherwise!
Adriana Shed (8 May 2017)
I was required to take this for my educator prep. program.
Mrs rebecca harris (6 May 2017)
it took me a minute to figure out how to properly navigate through the course.
Tina Littlejohn (2 May 2017)
The method of learning (all reading) was not holding my interest, but overall the course is OK.
Mr Charlie Perryman (2 May 2017)
I really appreciated this course and liked the way it was presented.
April Smith (27 Apr 2017)
This training was very helpful and informative.
Mrs Jill McKee (26 Apr 2017)
It is so important for students to be able to self-monitor their learning. When we say, "Pay attention," students need to know exactly what that means. This course provides comprehensive strategies to keep students fully awake, fully engaged, and fully in charge of their progress. Great information!
jeff coop (21 Apr 2017)
Mrs Heather Lipscomb (19 Apr 2017)
Great course. I learned a LOT about maintaining attention and giving structure to my lessons.
Mrs Julie Sholl (11 Apr 2017)
Very informative course! I will enjoy implementing a lot of these strategies in my teaching.
Bethany Leadon (11 Apr 2017)
Very informative and useful information.
Angela Hamberlin (10 Apr 2017)
Very beneficial content.
Ms Catherine Gabler (7 Apr 2017)
It was very informative!
Mr Mark Kesselring (3 Apr 2017)
So good wow.
Mrs Kennie Wilcox (31 Mar 2017)
This was a great course because it is not a common topic but it is important.
Bethany Hayes (30 Mar 2017)
Good information - but the initial set up of the course was confusing and I found it tricky to initially find the actual course information.
Latreasa Brown (29 Mar 2017)
Great course and the information was valuable.
Mrs Melody Daniel (15 Mar 2017)
Very useful information on how to help students develop the habit of maintaining their attention in the classroom.
Mrs Katherine Shevchenko (14 Mar 2017)
A great source of resources and very useful information to help students develop good attention habits.
Mrs Donna Hedges (10 Mar 2017)
Very informative! Broken down into useful & easy to understand categories!
Mrs Ryan Griffin (5 Mar 2017)
VERY helpful information that can be easily applied in the classroom.
Mrs Kobi Taylor (4 Mar 2017)
This was a very good lesson, and one that can be implemented immediately.
Mrs Sarah Tschoepe (3 Mar 2017)
Introduces attention effectively and how it affects students. Gives practical strategies on how to maintain attention in the classroom and its importance.
Mrs Nicole Cozadd (2 Mar 2017)
This was very helpful by giving specific strategies for how to help students engage in their learning and to maintain their attention, both by internal and external means.
Mrs Sonya Butler (28 Feb 2017)
I found the wording on quiz to be confusing. I read over all the information and watched all the videos, while the information I learned was fabulous, I felt the questions on the quiz were tricky.
Mrs Julianne Doughty (13 Feb 2017)
I really enjoyed the content of this lesson! It provided some excellent concrete ways to help students increase attention and come away from a day in the classroom with improved learning and retention.
Mrs Angeline Brown (10 Feb 2017)
This was very helpful, as many of my students have attention issues. As a Special Education teacher, I constantly look for ways to maintain better attention from my students.
Ms Staci Fowler (7 Feb 2017)
I am currently working with preschool age children in a Montessori setting. Anything relevant to age range of 2-5 would be greatly appreciated.
Mrs Karen French (4 Feb 2017)
important suggestions to keep students engaged
Mr Ernesto Carreon (1 Feb 2017)
Excellent strategies for helping students be more attentive so they can be more successful in their education!
Mrs Kimberly Nowell (23 Jan 2017)
This was a wealth of information on how to help students engage and participate in their learning. Great ideas. I'm a little overwhelmed, but encouraged to try some of these ideas.
Ms Shermel Tillman (11 Jan 2017)
Great strategies!!! All of the information provided is relevant and beneficial.
Mrs Bethany Gamez (6 Jan 2017)
Valuable information.
Ms Kacy Wilson (3 Jan 2017)
This course was enjoyable and well developed
Mrs Christy Greer (31 Dec 2016)
Great workshop -- valuable and useful information!
Mrs Courtney Davis (21 Dec 2016)
I like the outline and how it laid out how to make our students make more of their time. I know in Kinder we have to do brain breaks often to keep them attentive to the lessons. We also have to model and lay our specific outlines for them since everything is new to them.
Mrs Christa Hilliard (27 Nov 2016)
I enjoyed this course and found it to be very helpful. I will use these ideas when engaging students.
Mrs Patricia Peyton (20 Nov 2016)
Good ideas to facilitate learning. I will use some of these strategies in my classroom.
Mr Francisco Torres (18 Nov 2016)
Excellent overview of cognitive needs of students.
Melanie Lewis (1 Nov 2016)
Good read!
Mrs Jennifer Williams (1 Nov 2016)
very good
Mrs Debra Kagle (1 Nov 2016)
The course provided some very pertinent information on helping keep a child's attention throughout a lesson or project. Recommendations given will be easy to implement in my class room. I noticed that I already apply many of the strategies given and can't wait to try the others.
Mr Dale Shaulis (30 Oct 2016)
The information was very pertinent to what I was seeking to find, and will be implemented on Monday morning, Keeping my students' attention has been an ongoing goal, and it was refreshing to see that many of the things that I do with my students is right on track, but now I have the research and knowledge to understand how and why it works. i would recommend this module to any of my colleagues.
Mrs Julie Ibarra (27 Oct 2016)
Interesting information about keeping students' attention.


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