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Analgesia for The Cancer Patient

Analgesia for The Cancer Patient

Analgesia for The Cancer Patient

Veterinary Cancer Society
Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association


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Cancer patients often suffer with pain. Ranging from acute and severe to mild and chronic, pain can and should be addressed in different ways in an attempt to improve quality of life.
We will discuss a variety of techniques that can address all levels of pain. From drug combinations to surgical interventions, this talk intends to offer the audience a plethora of methods of anesthesia and analgesia readily available in most specialty hospitals.


Learning Objectives:
1. Be familiar with the major groups of drugs that are used for analgesia in cancer patients and be able to list at least one example in each category such as NSAIDs and opioids.
2. In addition to medications, be familiar with physical methods of analgesia such as hot and cold compresses, massage, TENS, and laser therapy.
3. Develop a working knowledge of common side effects of drugs that are frequently used for analgesia in cancer patients.
Veterinary Cancer Society

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Veterinary Cancer Society
on behalf of Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Carlos Souza - Graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1987 at UFRRJ in Brazil
Rotating internship at Wheaton Animal Hospital, MD in 1993-1994
MSc in Surgery at Universidade Federal Fluminense 1994-1996

Oncology Residency at University of Illinois 2002-2005
Surgery Residency at University of Tennessee 2005-2008

Soft Tissue Surgery Faculty at University of Missouri-Columbia 2008
Fellowship in Surgical Oncology 2013-2014
Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology 2014 until today.

My special interests in surgery are oral and adrenal tumors.
My research interests are oral squamous cell carcinoma in cats and osteosarcoma in dogs. My research focus on the differentiation therapy and epigenetic modifications associated with cancer.

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