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Fluid Therapy

Fluid Therapy

Fluid Therapy

James Barr, DVM, DACVECC; Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC; Heather Wessel, CVTECC
James Barr, DVM, DACVECC; Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC; Heather Wessel, CVTECC
on behalf of Animal Care Technologies Online Training


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Launch date: 17 May 2017
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Last updated: 16 Apr 2019

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Ms Wendy Contreras RVTg, B.S. (9 Jan 2018)
very interesting and helpful with calculating requirements. Somewhat repetitive but thats the way to learn.
(8 Mar 2019)
Very intersting
SenGillibrand Yazicioglu (8 Jan 2018)
Thank you very much, I am so happy and you are the best

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In this comprehensive training series, you will learn about the importance and function of fluid administration for veterinary patients. Discover what happens to the body during dehydration and methods of evaluating hydration status. You will gain an understanding of the types of fluids commonly used and routes of administration; including intravenous and subcutaneous fluids. We also discuss how to calculate fluid rates for re-hydration, maintenance and ongoing losses. This is a perfect series for veterinary technicians and assistants wanting to gain a further understanding of these essential topics.


At the end of this E-learning, the learner will gain an in-depth understanding of fluid therapy
The program consists of 10 videos from our small animal library.

- Calculating Fluid Requirements
- Evaluating Hydration Status
- Indications for Fluid Therapy
- Intravenous Fluid Therapy
- Physiology and Water Balance in the Body
- Routes of Administration
- Setting Up and Mixing Fluid Bags
- Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy
- Types of Fluids
- Using Fluid Pumps
James Barr, DVM, DACVECC; Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC; Heather Wessel, CVTECC

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James Barr, DVM, DACVECC; Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC; Heather Wessel, CVTECC
on behalf of Animal Care Technologies Online Training

Dr. Barr earned both his undergraduate degree (1997) & Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2001) from Louisiana State University. After completing his residency at the world renowned Angell Animal Medical center in Boston, MA, Dr. Barr received board certification as a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care in 2007. He serves as Assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care at Texas A&M University, where he joined the faculty in 2009. Dr. Barr teaches in the professional veterinary curriculum and lectures to veterinarians in Texas and around the world. He has won several teaching awards with the most recent being the Texas A&M Association of Former Students Distinguished Teaching Award that recognizes the most outstanding teacher in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. Medora Pashmakova is a 2009 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University. She completed her internship and residency at Texas A&M University and is board certified in Emergency and Critical Care. Following her training, Dr. Pashmakova stayed at Texas A&M University, where she enjoys active involvement in critical cases as both a primary clinician and consultant to other services. Her clinical and research interests include snake envenomations, transfusion medicine, and sepsis. She also has a special interest in parvoviral enteritis and fluid therapy in shock. In addition to clinics, Dr. Pashmakova coordinates weekly intern rounds, is actively involved in resident and intern training, wet-lab coordination, and state and national continuing education events. She participated as a race veterinarian in the 2015 Iditarod and is looking forward to many more opportunities in sled dog medicine.

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User Reviews (82)

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Ms Wendy Contreras RVTg, B.S. (9 Jan 2018)
very interesting and helpful with calculating requirements. Somewhat repetitive but thats the way to learn.
(8 Mar 2019)
Very intersting
SenGillibrand Yazicioglu (8 Jan 2018)
Thank you very much, I am so happy and you are the best
Nicole Johnson (8 Dec 2018)
Very basic refresher for fluid therapy. For someone that has been in the field for more than a few months, it was repetitive and not overly informative, but would be a very good course for a newer technician.
Miss Claudia Bonilla (7 Dec 2018)
Very concise and well organized.
Thomas Mick (6 Jun 2018)
great information
Dr Susan Petro DVM (6 Apr 2018)
This is an excellent course. Succinct. Well done. High production values.
chris Cane (5 May 2018)
too basic
Miss Danielle Hessels (5 Jun 2018)
Very helpful. Outilines the basics of fluid therapy.
Dr C.Meril Raj. B.V.Sc., (5 Jan 2018)
very useful course on fluid therapy and with lot of practical tips .
david dion (4 May 2017)
excellent training, concise yet complete
(4 Jan 2019)
the program was very helpful and informative
Kelly Ortagus (4 Jan 2018)
Very infomative
(4 Dec 2018)
Very good and thorough training. Some was repetitive but this is good for learning. A good refresher.
(31 Dec 2018)
Very informational for newer technicians and a good refresher for experienced techs.
Callie Musgrove (30 Oct 2018)
I have been a vet assistant for roughly two years and this was really helpful. It really explained things (formulas and specific technical terms) that can help me serve my vet better. Thank you.
Benjamin Dick (30 May 2018)
Easy course.
Dr Henry Snelgrove DVM, CTCVMP (30 May 2018)
good basics
Madeline Scofield (30 Jun 2018)
awesome review
(30 Jan 2019)
The flow of how the individual sections went could have been improved.
(30 Dec 2018)
Clear and easy to understand instructions for vet nurses and technicians.
Dr Crystal Coleman (3 Sep 2018)
Good tech review
Julianne Delort (3 Aug 2018)
Very practical and informative. Was a great refresher on fluid therapy.
yathira escamilla (29 May 2018)
very informative
(29 Dec 2018)
Very informative
Dr Sara Steidl DVM (29 Apr 2018)
Geared more towardstechnicians
Dr Jenny Chacon (28 Mar 2018)
Great questions !!!
(28 Jan 2019)
Lots of repetition, but overall this is great! Easy to understand all speakers, easy to follow along, easy to process and understand calculations.
(27 Nov 2018)
Better for techs, too elementry for veterinarians
(27 Nov 2018)
Good basic info
Dr Stephen W. Long,DVM dvm (27 Jun 2018)
Very good. excellent review of basics as well as detail
Sean Saltsburg (27 Dec 2017)
Great refresher especially for techs.
Tanya Bruno (26 Mar 2018)
the exam was way too easy and didn't ask any important questions that could be found in the video.
Mrs Melissa Monroe LVT (26 Feb 2019)
I would've like more discussion between the fluid therapy regimen than how to give IV, SQ, Oral fluids.
Miss Isabela Severo de Oliveira (26 Feb 2018)
the course is very good for reviewing fluid therapy, however, I can't withdraw my certificate.
Ms Jessenia Rodriguez (26 Feb 2018)
Great Course, Just like previous people I can't withdraw my certificate. A little help please.
Dr Cheryl Ann Nygard DVM (26 Dec 2017)
more for techs
Dr Barry Baker DVM (25 Jan 2018)
Very Basic Information about Fluid Therapy
Ms Emily Chryst (24 Jul 2018)
A great introduction to fluid therapy for technicians, though does not provide a lot of detail for those looking for a more through review.
(24 Feb 2019)
I really liked this course it was very informative.
Miss Rebecca Murphy RVT (24 Feb 2019)
Good refresher!
Michelle Ing (24 Dec 2017)
very clear presentation
Lisa Tabb (23 Nov 2018)
The information about calculating dehydration, fluid requirements and types of fluids that should be used was very helpful. However, if this course is targeted towards CVTs the demonstration on how to place an IV catheter and administer SQ fluids seems unnecessary. Would be a very good video for students though.
Katy Shipley (23 Feb 2018)
Good base information on fluid therapy.
(23 Dec 2018)
It was very helpful if not alittle repetitive.
Ms Devon Simone CVT (22 Mar 2018)
Great information. Could save some time taking out repetitive information.
Mrs Laura Schuster RVT (22 Dec 2017)
The video did not work well.
Courtney Dye (22 Apr 2018)
Explaining drip rate calculations would be helpful.
Mrs Michelle Teets RVT (21 Jul 2018)
Very, very thorough with lots of easy to understand info!
Dr Kendi Horner DVM (21 Feb 2018)
This course was a great basic course to teach the value of fluid therapy, how important it is to properly handle the equipment needed, and reasons for choosing various routs or fluid types.
(21 Dec 2018)
Very good refresher course on fluid therapy. Would definitely recommend watching.
Ms Megan Desai AHT (20 Sep 2017)
i cannot retrieve my certificate bc i am not a veterinarian with a licence number i am a vet tech.
clarissa ortega (20 Jun 2018)
This course gave me so much information on fluid therapy really enjoyed it
Ms Alaina Martin (20 Jul 2018)
Very basic introduction to fluid therapy.
Dr Amanda Cushing (20 Dec 2017)
More targeted to technicians
(2 Dec 2018)
really basic information, thought it would go into detail regarding types of fluids which is does VERY briefly and not in detail at all
(2 Dec 2018)
Lots of good information about all aspects of fluid therapy
(19 Dec 2018)
Very basic
Miss Leeann Ruddell (18 Aug 2018)
Good refresher on calculations etc.
Sonia Archnoi (17 Oct 2018)
A good summary for beginners.
(17 Jan 2019)
Good information on how to calculate fluid needs.
Christine Fogu (17 Jan 2018)
Good presentation and information.
Michelle Arrowsmith (16 Jan 2019)
very generalized information. Thought it would be more informative. Good for beginers.
(16 Feb 2019)
As someone new to fluid therapy, I found this entire course very helpful and thorough with good visual examples. Thank you!
Ms Amanda Schaeffer CVT (16 Feb 2018)
Very basic information
Mrs Joyce Quiroz RVT (15 Mar 2018)
Thouourgh explanitions fluid therapy must knows.
(14 Nov 2018)
Overall it was a good refresher on calculations. the fluid pump and how to administer subcutaneous fluids seems silly since this is a CE for certified or licensed technicians that should be well beyond this point.
(14 Mar 2019)
great information for a beginner. Not ideal for CE for existing RVT's.
(14 Feb 2019)
Excellent seminar
Heather Watt (13 Sep 2018)
I have been in the field for 13 years, therefore I knew a lot of this. It was mostly a refresher coarse for me but would be wonderful for a new technician!
Breanna Martel (13 May 2018)
This course was very easy to follow and fully demonstrated as well as very detailed and fully explained.
(13 Mar 2019)
Good Basic Fundamentals of Fluid Therapy
Jonathan Power (13 Jun 2018)
Great course. Very informative and higher-than-average production value.
Linsey Doolittle (13 Jan 2018)
useful information
Karine Maillette (12 Feb 2018)
Basic information. Very clear and well presented.
Ms Susan Metz BSC, CVT (11 Sep 2018)
Great overview of fluid therapy for newly certified technicians or those wanting a solid refresher!
Miss Kerry Davies (11 Nov 2018)
I felt this was a fantastic introduction to fluid therapy - it covered all the required information from reasons for therapy, types of fluids and practical administration techniques. I really felt I learned a large amount from this course and that the delivery was very clear and easy to take in.
Mr Frank Valdez (11 Mar 2019)
Very informative !
Mr Jeffrey Oertling (10 Mar 2018)
great session
Sarah Lockwood (10 Jan 2018)
Informative and helpful. A little bit repetitive.
Ashley Rose (1 Mar 2018)
Excellent-nice for training "green" employees with limited knowledge
sasha caudle (1 Jul 2018)
Basic but very complete course in Fluid therapy.


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