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The Science Behind the Human-Animal Bond

The Science Behind the Human-Animal Bond

The Science Behind the Human-Animal Bond

Maggie O'Haire, PhD
Maggie O'Haire, PhD
on behalf of Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine


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Last updated: 11 Nov 2018

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Barbara MillerNickerson (9 Oct 2018)
I gained lot of useful information in a short period of time. I really enjoyed it.
Dr Cynthia Grebel Dvm (9 Nov 2016)
Good info.
Bruce Ferguson (8 May 2018)
Well-done, thanks!

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The popular press is rife with examples of the positive value of pets for people. But does the research support these compelling stories? In this talk, you will discover the latest science behind our bond with man’s best friend and other species. From heart disease to autism to veterans with PTSD, this session will unveil cutting edge research that investigates the therapeutic value of animals for humans.


The Science Behind the Human-Animal Bond - Objective:
Discuss and review research supporting the therapeutic value of animals for humans.
Maggie O'Haire, PhD

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Maggie O'Haire, PhD
on behalf of Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

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User Reviews (47)

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Barbara MillerNickerson (9 Oct 2018)
I gained lot of useful information in a short period of time. I really enjoyed it.
Dr Cynthia Grebel Dvm (9 Nov 2016)
Good info.
Bruce Ferguson (8 May 2018)
Well-done, thanks!
Tram Le (6 Apr 2018)
Some parts had no volume.
Nicole Seamans (31 Oct 2018)
Very interesting and truly gripping to watch! Loved this lecture :)
Jacqueline Brito (31 Dec 2017)
Good lecture, however there are issues with being able to hear the speaker.
Mark Brannan (31 Dec 2017)
Interesting material!
Dr Rosemary Nicoletta DVM (31 Dec 2016)
Excellent speaker; engaging voice, interesting and new material. Fresh, enthusiastic.
Callie Musgrove (30 Oct 2018)
This was very educational.
Payton Williams (30 Apr 2018)
I found this course to be very interesting. The exam wasn't as hard as I expected, but I loved the seminar.
Ms Trishia Mackey (30 Apr 2017)
Great Training
Dr C.Meril Raj. B.V.Sc., (3 Jan 2018)
very useful and unique course for field vets
Dr Jeannette Molina DVM (3 Jan 2017)
Good lecture. Very interesting and scientific.
Dr Shelly Rodewald (29 Oct 2016)
Very well spoken lecturer and clear presentation.
Mrs Bethany Seal LVT (29 Dec 2017)
Very interesting
Dr Cynthia Reed CVT, MD (28 Dec 2016)
Great talk.
Ms kelly riedmiller RVT (28 Aug 2018)
Very interested in using my vet tech license to start a program for pet companions for ptsd war vets/firefighters/policepeople/retired at risk for suicide careers ( corrections officers) so this helped in my research. Also... there are many YouTube videos with documentaries or video footage with war vets and their companion animals. Proof right there. Thank you, Kelly
Adam Kee (27 Dec 2017)
Very interesting talk
Dr David Loehndorf (26 Jan 2018)
This course utilized facts and research to give an assessment of how animals can improve the lives of children with autism, abuse victims and military veterans.
Dr Stephen W. Long,DVM dvm (25 Jun 2018)
very good for the soul and education.
Ms brenda miller (25 Feb 2017)
I found this course to be very interesting!
Gabriela Nieves (24 May 2018)
parts of video lack sound and other parts jump/glitch
Dr Kari Kobus DVM (24 Jan 2017)
Very good presentation, helpful that there is a "name" for what we are measuring and great job linking beneficial results in the social treatment of autism.
Eduardo Roldan (24 Aug 2018)
The lecture is very interesting and educational. the audio cuts out for a minute during one of the slides.
Ivy Sudduth (23 Jul 2018)
This video piqued an interest of mine from long ago. The presenter was very engaging and authentic. I am now encouraged to read more about Dr. O'Haire's studies in the are of human/animal interaction.
Dr Joseph Orthoefer DVM, Mph, MAPA (23 Apr 2017)
Very interesting. always felt better when I had a dog. I think I better understand why
Mrs Sandra Reiser CVT (22 Oct 2016)
I'm not sure how I failed the first test. I'm pretty sure my answers were the same if not I may have only miss 1 or 2. I don't know if you can check this and get back to me or not. Thank you It was very informative.
Mrs Jessica Hammond Rvt (22 Dec 2016)
this lecture was great
Jenna Foreman (22 Aug 2018)
Very interesting
Mason Beasley (22 Aug 2018)
The information presented was thought provoking and very interesting. I think more studies like those mentioned in the video would be helpful in understanding different ways of treating trauma/mental issues.
Miss Sara Novak CVT (21 Nov 2016)
Very interesting introductory information to this area of study. I will be interested to see what research comes out in the near future about these topics.
Zdena Dvorakova (21 Jan 2018)
Very good course
Dr Sarah Hicks (20 Jan 2017)
Very informative. Sometimes we assume there have been large scale studies proving ideas that we would like to believe. Though I would love to see more research in this area, I am happy to be properly informed about the actual number of studies performed thus far.
Dr Amanda Cushing (20 Dec 2017)
Excellent research, volume could be a bit louder and speaker a bit clearer (in terms of pronunciation)
danielle foster (2 May 2017)
great information
Mrs Antonia Schwab RVT (2 Mar 2017)
Interesting topics, and outcomes. Great lecture.
Ms Cassandra Shaw CVT, ALAT (19 Sep 2018)
Very informative, class was difficult to hear at times.
Ms Alaina Martin (19 Jul 2018)
This is not a PowerPoint presentation, rather a lecture. I was unable to view the slides she presented. Take notes.
Mrs Summer Stuart (18 Feb 2017)
Good presentation
Dr Stephanid Clark CVT, PhD (17 Feb 2017)
Excellent, except in the first part, the sound goes out for a minute or two
Megan Amelang (16 Oct 2018)
Very interesting seminar to watch. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and it was easy to watch.
Benjamin Dick (13 Jun 2018)
Very good presentation
Mrs Rebecca Strong (12 Jan 2018)
Very interesting - a fascinating topic and Maggie was a lively and awesome speaker
Jessica Claudio (12 Aug 2018)
Essential knowledge for the growing field of animal assisted intervention.
Dr Stacii Comstock DVM (11 Jan 2017)
Good presentation but hard to read screen presentation; would have been nice to have slides clearer and available for review/printing. Very interesting material though.
Carolyn Antosy (10 Nov 2018)
Sound cut out a few times in the beginning of the video
Mrs Kelly Hartley CVT (10 Nov 2016)
Great lecture


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