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Double Your Dentistry

Double Your Dentistry

Double Your Dentistry

Dr. Charlier
Dr. Charlier
on behalf of Midmark Animal Health


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Launch date: 13 Aug 2015

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Last updated: 12 Jun 2018

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Mrs cindy comer (12 Jun 2018)
it is very difficult to review this class, signed up but cant figure out how to view it
Dr Natalie Mercer (24 May 2018)
Not the best presentation of information
Genia Crump-Pollack (21 May 2018)
Great course!

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As the leading provider of capital equipment to companion animal hospitals, Midmark Animal Health conducted a study to determine the key ingredients necessary to develop a successful dentistry practice to serve the needs of patients in a small animal hospital. Our goal was to develop a 'recipe' for success and provide case studies to support our "return on investment" claims when selling equipment. Midmark partnered with Dr. Cindy Charlier, a board certified dentist, to develop and conduct this study. Our hypothesis was that dentistry and oral surgery is the largest untapped source of patient care and practice revenue in most small animal practices. With the proper equipment, training and tools most practices should see a significant return on their investment in the dentistry portion of their practice. What is possible? What is that untapped potential? We will present our findings, which supported our hypothesis and exceeded our expectations.


Course Objectives:
Discuss Midmark dental study goals, methodology and results
Present the 5 keys of establishing a successful dentistry program
Dr. Charlier

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Dr. Charlier
on behalf of Midmark Animal Health

Dr. Charlier brings 30 years of small animal practice ownership experience to her dental seminars. She is a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, and currently owns Fox Valley Veterinary Dentistry and Surgery, a dental and oral referral practice with offices in Chicago and St. Charles, IL.

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Mrs cindy comer (12 Jun 2018)
it is very difficult to review this class, signed up but cant figure out how to view it
Dr Natalie Mercer (24 May 2018)
Not the best presentation of information
Genia Crump-Pollack (21 May 2018)
Great course!
Mrs Ashley Cammack (21 May 2018)
Good info, but more of a sales pitch
Sheena Laceda (29 Apr 2018)
Veterinary technician course
Emily Bainbridge (21 Apr 2018)
Latisha Ross (17 Apr 2018)
Wonderful, would like to see more on anesthesia techniques.
Ms Lisa Broker (3 Apr 2018)
This course was very informative.
Mrs Deborah Romine RVT (30 Mar 2018)
Good course
Ms Karen Cain BS,LVT (26 Mar 2018)
Ms Jodi Ternes CVT, RLATG (18 Mar 2018)
I do not have a comment
Ms Erica Ickes (1 Mar 2018)
More emergency medicine hospital free continuing education.
Miss kendell mccown (28 Feb 2018)
very good course to study and learn. always good to have more training and learning
Lisa Crofoot (23 Feb 2018)
Tim Bailey (23 Feb 2018)
Great course
Ms Amanda Schaeffer (20 Feb 2018)
A great review for nurses who do not regularly do dental prophy.
Ms lee ann hagerty (21 Jan 2018)
Project Milkbone was an interesting study and shows the impact a good dental program, training and education can have on a clinic
Very interesting
Kelly Mayotte (17 Dec 2017)
the powerpoint never loaded, just voice. Would have liked to see as well as hear, also took a long time to load.
Dr teresa hampton dvm (28 Nov 2017)
closed beforeI was ready
Ms Michelle Collymore RVT (26 Nov 2017)
very informative
Mr Paul Scimone CVT (1 Nov 2017)
This is a great course for those that dont deal with dentistry on a daily basis.
Ms Alice Ericson (24 Oct 2017)
Very informative
Sherri Anstey (4 Oct 2017)
Mrs Laura Robison (30 Sep 2017)
Good information about what needs to be done and what we need in a clinic regarding dental instruments and basic knowledge.
Kelly Krznaric (21 Sep 2017)
good ideas!
Raven Williams (6 Sep 2017)
This was a very educational course about improving revenue.
Mrs Letti Stiel (6 Sep 2017)
well worth the time to read and learn from this course to use in practice
Miss Cathleen Mitchell (16 Aug 2017)
Good advice
Dr Ann-Marie Schmid (23 Jul 2017)
I was unable to load this course after multiple attempts.
Mrs Jena Beisner CVT (20 Jul 2017)
web site was not working properly, could not see questions but still listened to lecture.
Miss Chelsie Decker (11 Jul 2017)
Ms eniya bonilla (2 Jul 2017)
Interestng course
joshua jacobsen (29 Jun 2017)
Lots of mixed animal practice


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