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Primary Care of the Anterior Segment, 2nd Edition (Textbook): CHAPTER 1. GENERAL CLINICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN ANTERIOR SEGMENT CARE

Primary Care of the Anterior Segment, 2nd Edition (Textbook): CHAPTER 1. GENERAL CLINICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN ANTERIOR SEGMENT CARE

Primary Care of the Anterior Segment, 2nd Edition (Textbook): CHAPTER 1. GENERAL CLINICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN ANTERIOR SEGMENT CARE

Louis (Lou) Catania O.D., F.A.A.O., D.Sc.(Hon)
Louis (Lou) Catania O.D., F.A.A.O., D.Sc.(Hon)

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An extensive discussion of the practical patient care considerations in anterior segment care including the examination, management and follow-up, tools needed, record-keeping, appointment scheduling and general pharmaceutical considerations.
Course Outline:
1. Comprehensive history
2. Risk-factor analysis
3. Do not skip questions
4. Listen to, and learn from, each response
1. Do not skip appropriate tests
2. Entering visual acuities (VAs), a medicolegal
3. Systematic approach most efficient
a. Anatomical categories
i. Eyelids
ii. Lacrimal system
iii. Orbit
iv. Conjunctiva
v. Sclera and episclera
vi. Cornea
vii. Anterior chamber and aqueous
viii. Iris and ciliary body
ix. Crystalline lens
b. Pathophysiological etiologies
i. Allergy/hypersensitivity
ii. Congenital/developmental abnormali¬
ties (versus acquired)
iii. Degeneration
iv. Dystrophy
v. Environmental
vi. Immunologic (toxic)
vii. Infectious (bacterial, viral, fungal, para¬
sitic, protozoan)
viii. Inflammation
ix. Injury (abrasions, bums, contusion, for¬
eign bodies, laceration)
x. Metabolic
xi. Metaplasia (hypoplasia, hyperplasia,
xii. Neoplasia (primary, metastatic)
. Neurological
xiv. Nutritional
xv. Systemic manifestations
xvi. Unknown
4. Look, listen, and feel (palpate tissue struc¬ tures)
5. Document findings thoroughly and accurately
a. Photodocument if possible
b. Use color coding when indicated
c. Use appropriate abbreviations
1. Differential diagnosis most important clinical
2. Rule out (RIO) other involvements (eg, inter¬
nal, extraocular muscles, systemic)
3. Consider laboratory workups (eg, cultures, sensitivities, smears, and systemic testing if in-dicated) versus clinical observation alone2
a. Newborns
b. Chro


1. To outline the practical and critical areas of anterior segment care
2. To identify proper examination techniques, tools and record-keeping
3. To review general pharmaceutical considerations regarding anterior segment care
Louis (Lou) Catania O.D., F.A.A.O., D.Sc.(Hon)

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Louis (Lou) Catania O.D., F.A.A.O., D.Sc.(Hon)

Primary Care of the Anterior Segment, 2nd Edition (Textbook)
Published in 1995 and reprinted numerous times through the early 2000s, this book is considered one of the classic, definitive textbooks for comprehensive anterior segment diagnosis, treatment and management. All the clinical information is organized in the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) format for quick referencing and practical use. The textbook is out of hardcopy print and I am making it available electronically through this website. Each chapter (8 total) provides immediate, accessible, "in the chair" information for clinical practitioners. The textbook also includes 7 appendices referenced throughout the respective chapter programs on this website. The appendices are included at the end of each chapter program. All chapter programs include a set of self-assessment questions and answers (in Appendix 7). An extensive 20 page Subject Index is available on this website at no charge for referencing and/or downloading (as a pdf file) at the program entitled Primary Care of the Anterior Segment, 2nd Edition: SUBJECT INDEX (LINK: And finally, under Additional Course Notes section, the Front Matter from the textbook is available. It includes:
> Table of Contents (general and detailed);
> Preface;
> Acknowledgements;
> Introduction

Author Bio:
> Internationally acclaimed clinical educator, author;
> Recognized expert in anterior segment, corneal disorders, refractive surgery and new eye care technologies;
> With Nicolitz Eye Consultants, a multispecialty ophthalmology group in Jacksonville, FL;
> Does clinical research on numerous eye care technologies;
> Voted one of 10 most influential optometrists of 20th century by the Review of Optometry Journal and 20/20 Magazine;
> 2013 Distinguished Service Award from the Ocular Surface Society;
> 2014 Distinguished Service Award from the American Academy of Optometry;
> 2015 Primary Care Optometry News, “Pioneer in Optometry” Award

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