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Veterinary Continuing Education Online

Veterinary medicine is one of the fastest growing career fields today. However, once fully qualified it is important that licensed professionals pursue veterinary continuing education courses to expand on existing knowledge.

Continuing education is a requirement at most, if not all veterinary hospitals around the world. In the United States alone, each state mandates veterinarians take a specified number of continuing education hours each year. More knowledge means veterinary professionals can provide more expertise to their clients and ultimately generate more revenue for their veterinary clinics.

The veterinary industry is always evolving, which makes the need for continuing education for veterinary professionals vital. The World Veterinary Association (WVA) has been at the forefront of veterinary continuing education online and the organization thrives on providing courses to veterinarians around the world through its partnerships. 

With over 1,000 free online veterinary courses available, the WVA is paving the way to improving the overall knowledge of veterinarians through its online portal. With content included by top universities, including Purdue, UC Davis and the Royal Veterinary Hospital, the WVA offers veterinary practitioners a vast array of high quality courses at their fingertips.

Not only are the online courses from the WVA full of expertise, but the veterinary continuing education courses are accredited too. Top universities have signed off, putting their names on the courses, giving veterinarians confidence that the knowledge they receive is from industry leaders. That knowledge will enable veterinarians across the world to deliver higher standards and quality of veterinary medicine than ever before. Our RACE approved CE is highly regarded by the worldwide veterinary industry.

The WVA's vision of providing free veterinary continuing education wouldn't be possible without the World Continuing Education Alliance. The WCEA has been working with various industries and professionals since 2010. The group strives to give the best free veterinary continuing education to professionals around the world. The WVA is currently the world's largest education resource for veterinarians, offering professionals valued support as their careers grow.

Since 2014, the WCEA and the WVA have worked hand-in-hand to offer veterinarians further education across the industry. The online veterinary continuing education courses have been designed by the best minds in the field.

Through their partnership, the WCEA is able to reach more veterinary medicine practitioners. Many of whom would never be able to receive further training and online continuing education in the first place. From North America to Africa, Europe to Asia, the WCEA and WVA's work is reaching thousands of veterinarians. That reach is helping communities around the world to better care for animals.

The WCEA is continuing to grow, building and developing relationships with other medical fields. However, the group continues in their pursuit of providing new online learning resources for veterinary continuing education.

Veterinary technicians can rely on the WCEA as the world's largest online provider of veterinary continuing education resources. The WCEA's platform also gives educators from the top veterinary universities and training companies around the world a free learning management system (LMS) to produce and upload educational resources. These resources can then be shared through the WVA's education portal by veterinary associations and other veterinary bodies.

The WCEA also provides online seminars through the WVA's veterinary continuing education portal. Learners and educators can view these seminars and study ways to develop in the field.

The importance of continuing education in veterinary medicine is paramount as it is an annual commitment in most countries. In addition, long-term success in the field depends on broadening knowledge as the industry evolves. Professionals not able to meet the continuing education requirements will fall behind in the industry.

Veterinary professionals who have gained wider knowledge of their respective fields are not the only ones to benefit from continuing education. In fact, a professional's vastly improved knowledge benefits the client just as much.

The ease in which professionals can now access high quality continuing education opportunities through the WCEA's portal, offers a more efficient and effective means of meeting their annual continuing education requirements. In addition, it is free to join the world's leading continuing education platform. This means that for veterinary professionals, it just makes perfect sense to become a member.

The most common complaints from veterinary professionals and companies around the world when it comes to continuing education is the cost. The costs are made even more difficult if continuing education programs are not located near the professional’s home base.

Therefore, the combination of a course, travel costs and hotels can make a course extremely difficult to attend, especially each year.

Organisations can spend thousands just to send one employee on a course. With a veterinary clinic full of potential continuing education students, the costs can be astronomical. The WCEA’s online programs eliminate those costs and provide professionals a stress free way to study; making it easy to send multiple employees on a course.

The online courses also save companies money, because they do not need to hire relief staff to cover for employees completing continuing education courses. The WCEA’s online continuing education programs offer companies easier and cheaper options, which will save them money. The online courses also prevent veterinary clinics from losing valuable man hours. There is no more financial waste in sending employees on courses as the online portal brings everything to the user.

The WCEA’s online platform makes life easier for veterinary professionals. Classes can be studied online by using a smart phone, tablet or computer. There is a free tracker to track all of a user’s learning in one central place. Companies can see the progress their employees are making on each online course. There is no registration or signup costs to join and the courses are accredited by leading universities.

Continuing education has never been so easy for veterinarians who are short of time. The WCEA’s online continuing education portal also makes life easy for those looking to get a leg up on their peers in the veterinary medicine world.

With free courses that can be accessed anywhere, the WCEA’s online veterinary continuing education is the perfect tool for improving knowledge within the industry.

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About the World Veterinary Association (WVA)

Hundred-fifty years ago, in 1863, Dr J. Gamgee convened a first International Veterinary Congress. This initiative grew into the World Veterinary Association (WVA) today. The WVA unites and represents the global veterinary profession. It is the umbrella organization for National Veterinary Associations and International associations of veterinarians working in different areas of veterinary medicine.

The WVA continues the ambition of Dr Gamgee to bring veterinarians from all over the world together, to share experiences, to exchange ideas and to join forces for the promotion and development of veterinary medicine. The WVA defends the interest of the health and welfare of animals and people as well as the interest of its member organisations and their members.

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