UC Davis Veterinary Students Gain Valuable Experience With Free Monthly Pet Clinic
12 Dec

UC Davis Veterinary Students Gain Valuable Experience With Free Monthly Pet Clinic

The students of UC Davis School of Veterinary Sciences are gaining valuable experience that will help them advance further in their veterinary education with the free monthly animal clinic that the school provides to the Knights Landing community. The project benefits UC Davis veterinary students, undergraduate pre-vet students, the community and pets of Knights Landing.

The California Aggie reports that UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine second-year graduate student Kelly Yu has been benefiting with the experience of working with veterinarians and with animals. She is an intake coordinator for the Knight’s Landing One Health Clinic.

Aside from graduate students, undergraduates are also benefiting from working with One Health Clinic. Fourth-year animal science major Brigitte Clark, who is also the president of the Pre-Vet Students Supporting Diversity (PSSD) Club on campus, is also gaining valuable experience from the project.

Clark said that undergraduates are placed in different stations in the clinic where they gain valuable experience. Undergraduates who are interested in volunteering and get experience in working with animals can apply to the PSSD.

“One station is a pharmacy, where you’ll be drawing up the vaccines, and you’ll be pretty much getting the medicinal materials that the vet student needs,” she said. She adds that the next station is called intake and is helping with the paperwork in the front. In this station, students help patients get their paperwork done and this is where owners are interviewed as well. Undergraduates also act as vet tech assistants at each station.

One Health Clinic offers free services such as spay and neutering to the pets of Knights Landing. “Preventative care is basically just physical exams, and the physical exams are mainly done by the vet students at the school,” Yu said. “Generally we give them the yearly vaccines that they need, [and] update them as needed.”

Yu adds that they also provide flea medications and deworming in case the pets have parasites. Yu also mentions that the clinic has grown quickly and they now offer new procedures such as conducting blood work.

With the clinic offering new procedures, undergraduates also saw the tasks that they assisted in increased. Clark said undergraduate students can now touch the animals and restrain them whenever they are going to give a rabies vaccine and a couple of other things.

The community and pets of Knights Landing also benefit from this project as it ensures the owners are informed and the pets are well taken cared off. Second-year veterinary student Michelle Luis said that they set up a table in the clinic to allow for one-on-one conversations with the owner.

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