1 Sep

China Needs More Care Home Nurses

China's growing elderly population results in a shortage in care home nurses being available causing concern. While care homes are a common sight in countries such as the United States or England, they are a new phenomenon in China. Care homes are still in their infancy in the Asian country,...

26 Aug

Dental Tips for Practices: Save on Medical Waste

Dental tips for practices that can save clinics money by avoiding classifying items incorrectly as medical waste. Medical waste can be an expensive problem with an equally expensive disposal solution. Yet, much of the waste that medical practitioners are throwing out, especially dentists, does not have to be classed as...

12 Aug

Veterinary Education in India in Need of Change

Veterinary education in India has undergone comprehensive changes in recent times. A new syllabus developed for 2016 has been credited with changing many of the previously outdated practices of the Indian veterinary community. The man behind the changes to veterinary education, Sanjeev Balyan, may have recently moved...

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